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does my cat need a playmate?

17 years ago

Jasper (my 6 month old orange tabby) and I moved into our first apartment yesterday. He cried in the car the whole way there and for a while after we arrived. I think he must have been scared that he was going to be abandoned again... his first owners dumped him at the SPCA where I got him. I had been living with a friend for 2 months while I was on the waiting list for my apartment. I've had Jasper for 1 of those months. While we were there, he became playmates with my roomate's 2 year old black female cat. My former roomate and friend wanted me to take his cat too so they would both have a playmate. I was considering it. Well, his drug problem (and refusal to admit he has one) ended our friendship, so needless to say I didn't take his cat. Do cats need a playmate? Will Jasper get lonely and bored while I am away at work? I know they are very different than dogs, but I don't know if they should have a playmate. I really don't want two cats... I only want to have to care for one, and I want all of Jaspers attention. But, I do want whavever is best for Jasper... please let me know what you think that is. He was very happy last night in all chaos when I couldn't find the cat food and had to give him tuna for dinner. I think he hid the meow mix on purpose! He slept with me all night... at one point he was purring and kneading my face with his paws. It was very sweet. So... any advice would be appreciated... thanks :O)

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