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HELP!!! My mint plant is growing SMALLER!!!

James Lim
7 years ago

Just over a week ago, I purchased a potted mint plant from Waitrose supermarket. I name it Minty. Minty seemed healthy and happy initially, but upon introduction to my dungeon of a home, Minty became lengthy and droopy... I snipped off Minty's leggy bits, used the leaves for an underwhelming limonana, and put the stems (with a few leaves on the top) in water, they have produced some roots. Minty might be having children soon. I am a poor student and I do not have a lot of natural light in my apartment (I live in Scotland, sunlight doesnt come to this part of the world). I have acquired a round 8 inch diameter by 8 inch depth pot (from a neighbor's garden, while drunk) and transferred Minty into his new home, with compost I got from a friend.

I read everywhere that mint is an invasive plant that is nearly impossible to kill, and that it grows extremely rapidly. My questions are... How rapid is the growth rate, online sources simply say it is fast, but how fast? One week fast? One month fast? 10 inches per week fast? How long do I have to nurture Minty before he can sponsor a mojito party? How can I speed up his growth rate? I have also borrowed a 5W LED chip table lamp from a friend and I intend to give Minty 24 hours of illumination, would Minty appreciate that? What is the optimal watering frequency?

Look forward to reading all your minty fresh suggestions. Thank you.

p.s. I use an Absolut Mango bottle with a stainless steel pour spout for watering, because I'm classy.

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