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Laura Thyng
7 years ago

We very recently bought a new construction home in August with an upgraded tile shower. In Dec. We noticed water damage on the wall next to the curb/shower door. Our builder and sub contractors have been out multiple times to take care of the situation: taken off the door and frame, repaired nail/screw holes from the frame, replaced tiles and re grouted and re caulked

Fast forward to today...below is the picture of what is still happening after only 4 showers in 2 days. The grout is wet, the red barrier is wet and the backer board is wet...this is right after the shower. But it is still wet when we go to bed at night from showers in the morning.

The builder and contractor say this normal, the grout is wicking and the membrane system is doing its job. They are looking to seal the grout and then finish up repairing the wall.

What we want to avoid is just a bandaid that will fail after the warranty is up at the end of July.

Is this really normal for a tile shower or are they pulling the wool over our eyes?

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