POLL: Towel bar or towel hooks?

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June 19, 2015

Do you prefer a towel bar for your towels, or do you prefer to hang them on hooks in your bathroom?

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Comments (117)

  • thelovelyjoancrawford

    You can really set up a towel bar to look elegant, but a hook near the back door for beach towels is great. However, the towel circle hasn`t been mentioned, and it`s good for hand towels, which can easily slip off a hook, and it takes up little space.

  • elaurel12

    I live on the coast in Northern CA. Towels dry fastest in the dryer. I like all these comments and will use some of these ideas, i.e. heated towel bar = especially in my VRBO, Airbnb rental. This is a Great simple subject but now it makes me consider the energy factors of drying a bath towel/sheet in my damp Heavenly coastal town. Thank you all ~

  • Svati Choudhry

    I definitely prefer the bar to the hook. I found that the hook doesn't evenly dry towels, and they can get that bad "wet towel" smell. Even if you're looking for a space saving towel bar, there are stackable kinds that are slightly staggered so you can put multiple towels on them!


  • adivra

    I've used hooks in the master bath for years. Being in SoCal, drying isn't a problem and mine are on a wall that's seen only when exiting the room. Bars take up too much wall space.

  • Mary Dillon

    Hooks conserve space but don't dry as well and look awfully casual. I dry just-used towels on shower curtain rod then replace on hooks or rings. The back of a simple armless straight chair in bathroom is good for spreading out a hand towel to dry. Bar is for guest hand towels to stay neat and look nice. If place is overloaded with drying towels or handwash, I press into service the curtain rod across the window with the window A/C unit; if I had central air (which I never will since the ductwork would take up too much valuable storage space), I'd take care to position towel hangers of whatever kind above the vents...

    Yes, it is funny that we address such minutiae as this on Houzz. But for example, if we commented in questions such as (how)/do you compost or do organic gardening, we could all learn from one another, and somebody deliberating the dis/advantages could get a quick rundown on the pros and cons -- so perhaps it's not too picayune to consider after all!

  • grammieray

    I found a heavy towel does not dryer faster, especially in a small bathroom.

  • tooky58

    We use bars that are wide enough for the towels-no folding- and our thick towels dry pretty quickly.

  • Bonita

    I am so done with towel bars - don't like the way they look in pictures - so plain. In one bathroom I have an old men's urinal (sounds gross but quite "catchy") stuffed with rolled towels and in the other bathroom I have a tiered wrought iron plant stand on a shelf - the larger bottom shelf for large towel the middle smaller tier for hand towels and the top small shelf for facecloths - all rolled

  • writerinfact
    I said "other" because I hate folding towels to put them on a bar, and I can't put a towel so it will stay on the stupid hook, so I prefer a ring. Alternatively, my three children prefer storing towels in a heap on the floor, so I guess it all comes down to personal preference ;-)
  • Audrey Bronson

    I've tried both and the towel bar seems to dry the towel faster since it is spread out.

  • PRO
    Acumen Builders

    Master Bath Spa Retreat · More Info

    Keep towels nice and neat on wall hooks by looping your towels on rings before hanging.

  • J K

    I prefer a bar so a towel can fully dry and be reused without getting mildewed. I prefer a hook for my bath robe.

  • Depo
    Hooks for our bath sheets and rings for hand towels.
  • PRO
    Cabinets & Designs

    We think hooks look a little edgier. Definitely hooks.

  • PRO
    Stone Harbor Hardware

    Towel bars are great for larger spaces, but hooks are ideal for a small bath. Rings are a good fit near a small sink as well.

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    Barrington Robe Hook · More Info

    Westwood Towel Bar · More Info

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  • ombader

    For small bathrooms, like mine, vertically placed hooks near the shower take up much less room than towel bars.

  • J K

    I like a hook near the shower where I hang my robe and place my towel for when I get out of the shower. But then I hang my towel on a towel rack to dry. Even in my children's small bath, we have space for a robe hook and two towel bars (one across from the toilet, next to the tub and one behind the door).

  • Jill Johnston

    You can hang lots more towels from hooks than bars. Family never folds towels "right" on bars. Hooks look neater.

  • momof5x

    Hooks for bathrobe, and for towel to be used for drying, hand towels on rail, other clean towels in a basket.

  • ridgebackmom

    I was thinking about this for my 2 bathrooms: towel bar or a round towel bar. For the half bath in the mudroom I am getting a small towel bar and for my kids bathroom will get hooks. My kids would never fold the towels to look neat in their bathroom.

  • PRO
    Pier, Fine Associates

    We vote towel hooks for sure! They can be used for either towels, robes, or anything else you might need to hang up in your bathroom. With towel racks, you are limited to just using towels. And with towel racks, you would have to go through the trouble of folding them "right" so that they sit nicely on the racks. With towel hooks, you don't have this obligation!

  • Maureen

    Both have their advantages and suit different usages. Our main washroom is used by guests as well..so we a hook behind the door for our daily towel use, two hooks on the wall with a decorative towel and a terry robe - which look decorative, and a double towel bar with lux towels for their use. Everyone in our family brings in their own towels for their showers and hangs them to dry in their bedrooms.

  • PRO
    Blue Lotus Designs

    I prefer the heated towel bar, but it really depends on the design of the room and the space available to you. Hooks and bars come in many, many, styles and finishes. I'm sure you can find one of each that fit nicely into the design of your bathroom.

  • PRO
    Shake It Up! Business Solutions

    We love the clean yet relaxed look of the towel hooks! As well as the functionality of them.

  • Doc Sennett
    Today I installed a double towel bar. I've never had one before, but I think it's a classy look.
  • PRO
    Dana Reynolds Interiors & Home Staging

    For practicality....hooks.....I'll be happy if I never see a towel bar again.

    Harmony - Builder Model · More Info

    HOWEVER.... towel bars are great for me to add color and texture in a model home......they love it :) I used a hair band over this towel just to give it a little interest.

  • Lisa Williams

    I vote for hooks too! Tip for renters -- You can use shower curtain hooks on your towel rod to create more function. Holds more towels, 3 or 4 and it's more practical and time-efficient than folding to lay over the towel bar. And don't forget the large command hooks :)

  • PRO
    Focal Point Hardware

    I prefer to use a towel warmer that has hooks. Myson and Amba make really nice ones with hooks and bar accessories so everyone is happy! I love my towel warmer when the days are cooler!

  • PRO
    Blue Dog Decorating
    I've had both, towels dry better on a bar.
  • Bonita

    To me there is nothing attractive about towels hanging on towel bars so I use items like wrought iron plant holders - roll my towels and store them there. My fav is an old urinal that I stuff rolled towels into. Possibly quirky, but I like the uniqueness. My sister in law stuffs the into an open drawer of an antique night table. Of course one is left on the counter for guests

  • Deb Byrne
    Towel bars in the guest bath that rarely gets used -- a neater look. We put hooks in the master bath when we redid it last year, and I'll never go back! I always hated the messy "throw the towel over the shower door" look.
  • PRO
    Lacey Construction Ltd.

    We like a combo hooks, bar - the hooks are a lot easier for children!

  • lyndaleebg
    Hooks, for sure. Few want to take the time to fold the towels properly to look good on a towel bar, and they definitely dry faster, great if you shower more than once on some days.
  • M B
    We had always had towel bars until we moved to a beach city in Texas. In that house we had hooks in the master bath. No folding towels after a shower or bath. Nice large hooks to hold our larger sized bath towels. I loved them. Until...I discovered a small amount of mold trying to grow on the wall behind the towels. Air did not circulate behind the towels because the hooks allowed the towels to touch the wall. Yuk! No more hooks for us. Every house since then has had towel bars.
  • Mary
    I must be a serious slob because It would never cross my mind to fold a used towel on a rod. Just throw it over and move on, and towels for display? Sorry,Martha doesn't live here. We scared her away long ago.
  • PRO
    Repp Renovations

    Both are great!

  • Lori
    We have 2 houses (one in Houston and one in the Hill County). Had bars in both houses. When we renovated, we replaced with hooks after a friend had replaced her bars with hooks and said the towels dry faster. I agree. The towels dry much faster. I agree that a towel that is not folded on a bar may dry faster, but neither of my master baths are big enough to hang two towels without folding. Also, when choosing hooks, be sure to get hooks that leave sufficient space between the hook and the wall so your towels are not resting against the wall.
  • Kgod256
    Towels on hooks look messy to me.
  • PRO
    The Organized Soprano

    Bars are space hogs, but I think it's the best way to get the towels to dry the fastest. But if the hook is farther away from the wall (it's bigger) it might not make a difference.

  • Lauren Cooper

    Has anyone tried these Avanti hooks from Rohl? I'm wondering if bath towels will stay put on them. I bought the towel bar, but it is too big for the space—the towels will hang over the light switch. Also, it's big for one towel, but not quite big enough for two and I have a small bathroom. I bought two of these hooks for the back of the door, but am now thinking of buying a third and putting them on the wall for the towels instead.

  • teamaltese
    Lauren, we have similar, and they work fine. The towels stay on the hook.
  • Lauren Cooper

    Thanks so much.

  • susanalanandwrigley
    My experience is towel bar=faster drying but,might be location - experience is with towel bar close to heating vent :)
  • rdurrett

    One bar for clean towels to be used by a newcomer/guest. Hooks, or in our case, vintage coat tree for wet towels.

  • Nancy
    We use double towel bars and drape a towel over both bars. Dries fast.
  • PRO
    Bathroom Butler

    Heated towel rack of course

  • PRO
    Mega Builders

    Both are great options

  • Jennifer Freeman

    I can barely stand to look at a towel bar - especially an EMPTY one.

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