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Need help choosing color or vinyl pool liner

Kathryn Swatland
7 years ago

We are having a vinyl liner pool installed next month. Unfortunately, gunite was out of the question because of price. It will be an 18' x 36' rectangular pool. I have looked at 1000's (not even joking) of pictures and I'm starting to get stressed out about choosing the liner. We like darker color pools. I am having a hard time finding pictures of real pools with the options I have. Most of the ones I like and find are either plaster or pebbletec - french gray or dark gray or black interior. I want it to be darker but not so dark it isn't inviting and you can't see the bottom. Any advice? Anyone have a "gray granite", "sandpebble" or "black granite" liner from Imperial Pools, The Vinyl Works? Here is a link to the options: Imperial Pools - Vinyl Works. I have saved many pictures from Houzz showing the look we are going for. I don't know if I am allowed to add them or not? Please help. My husband's patience is running out and so is my time to choose. Thank you in advance! ;)

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