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Need Help!! Sofa Advice - Ethan Allen vs Norwalk

Alex B
5 years ago
last modified: 5 years ago

We are trying to finalize our furniture selection on the living room sofas (2) between the Ethan Allen 87" arcata customized sofa (upholstered) vs a Norwalk Estate customized sofa (upholstered). Norwalk is slightly more expensive but that is not a concern. We are more concerned about the sofa holding up (living room is our primary gathering place) and durability. We like both of them but we have not used Norwalk before. We have heard mixed reviews on both of them. The main difference between the two is Norwalk is manufactured entirely in the USA while EA wood parts come from their authorized factories in South East Asia and then assembled and upholstered in USA. Any thoughts/recommendations on this?

So here are the photos. First is Ethan Allen (Arcata 87") the second is Norwalk (82")

Ethan Allen


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