Longer ceiling fan downrod question - why is it threaded?

4 years ago

We bought an extra 24" downrod and are trying to install it - however it has a threaded end where none is required. This is the OEM matching downrod - not generic!

The problem is - either end where it's supposed to be used - the threaded end is tapered and the set screws that are supposed to secure it DO NOT REACH because the pipe has a smaller diameter due to the threaded end.

Pictured below - the stock short downrod (no threads - seen on top) - then, the longer downrod end (threaded) and the knuckle on it. When in position the set screw you see will not reach the threaded end of the downrod - so it never tightens.

Pic #2 Similarly if I flip the threaded end around and try it in the motor body - the two pictured set screws ALSO do not reach.

It's a Harbor Breeze dual head fan called "Twin Breeze" - not that it matters... There are no specifics on connecting the extra length downrod in the manual - nor supplied with the downrod. The threads are pointless AFAIK - and the tapered threaded end makes it fail to fit correctly.

Any ideas?

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