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3 years ago
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Hello- Trying to find a solution that works. i'm a composer/pianist/teacher...I want this garage conversion to look professional and branded, but difficult as i've never done anything like this. It is a place to have clients overI have spent so much $$ and time on paint samples i doubt i can afford a designer- the paint guy at home depot just laughs when he sees me.

The accent wall is left over from an idea to paint all walls gray and beams orange....I backed out... I'm thinking it would make sense to make the beams disappear by painting them white (in terrible shape). Also, the accent wall kind of clashes, so i'm thinking about losing that. I'm toying with the idea of painting everything "borrowed light" by farrow and ball or something from this page:

there will also be track lights for which i need a color, guitars (mostly orangeish) hung on walls, area rugs i need to buy, and sound panels all over (still need color and material) There's an issue with bubbling on the door gel stain, so maybe i'll have an opportunity to repaint that. any designers that know how to put this all together. i'm in los angeles. behr paints-

walls- white 51

ceiling- ultra pure white

accent wall- liquid mercury

floorboards- swirling water (violet undertone)

floor- concrete painted with studio taupe.

door- vintage burgundy (old masters gel stain)

beams- infinite deep sea

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