How much does your cleaning person charge?

2 years ago
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I'm interested in learning what other people pay to have their house cleaned:

1. What part of the country do you live in?

2. How many square feet is your home and how many bedrooms?

3. How many people come to clean at once, how long does it take, is it weekly, bi-weekly?

4. Is it an independent person, small company, or chain?

5. What do they charge?

My deal:

1. Philadelphia

2. 2,000-ish sq ft., 5 bed - 2 are guest rooms, a dog that sheds, no kids, we are pretty tidy.

3. Talked to company that'll send same person each time, but initial clean done by a team.

4. Local company - one owner maybe 20 workers

5. They wanted $450 - $660 for the initial cleaning and $200 for subsequent bi-weekely.

I think this is nuts! We've had a regular cleaner for the past six months so they aren't walking into a pig stye frat house. I'd be cool with $200 per cleaning if it were a one person company and the cleaner was making all that money, but that is not the case. And, I'd to spend an arm and a leg before I can find out how good their weekly cleaning person is.

I have had a few other house cleaning companies and individuals that charged $150. But I've needed to keep finding new ones because the people either smelled of smoke, didn't clean well, one took pills from my medicine cabinet and pass out on the floor, the other kept cancelling because they couldn't find steady employees to show up, another the Polish workers refused to speak English to me (though their English was decent when talking on their cell phones) and so I could not ask them to clean anything in a particular way. I know I'm lucky to be able to afford a cleaner to begin with and should not complain. But this just seems crazy.

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