Vertical growing summer squash Pros & cons

I've, recently, read about & seen videos of alleged benefits of growing zucchini/summer squash, in general, vertically (in various ways including tomato cages, trellises, supported on 8 foot or taller poles, etc.). I understand the potential advantages to this…however the biggest problem I usually have with summer squash is vine borers and one of the ways I try to battle them is by continuing to rebury the vine as it grows longer…which would no longer be possible.

What have those of you that have tried this experienced in this regard?

Is a nice, clean, defoliated vine not an open invitation to the borers or is the vertical orientation or being several feet above rather than sprawling along the ground less attractive to them?

I suppose one could also incorporate that wrapping the stem in foil technique but at that point I’d wonder if all the extra effort / material is justified. Thoughts?

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