Can someone help me diagnose my peaches?

Kari Johnson
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

When I was gardening today, I noticed that there were some spots on my peach & nectarine leaves and fruits. The fruits have some clear dried liquid oozing out of some of the lesions. I did a bunch of internet sleuthing, but I still can't narrow down what it might be or how to treat it. I've looked at bacterial & fungal leaf spot/shot-hole and neem oil injury, but maybe it could be something else I'm not thinking of. Please help! We just got these trees from the nursery about a month ago. Also, how can I treat it now that I have fruits growing? I have Immunox that I used for rust on my bean plants but I can get something else.

Closeup of the lesions on the fruit with the clear liquid dried. Sorry a bit blurry; it's the best my camera could do.

A newer lesion developing on the bottom leaf, in the top center

Thank you so much for all of your help.

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