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Italian 258 Fig Tree up potting

June 28, 2018

Comments (5)

  • persimmonbob

    Nice video, looks like you are using some good medium, tree going to grow fast.

  • katiebeth128_wv_6b

    Thanks for sharing, I can't wait til I can get a few I258's to ripen for me. I hope it lives up to its reputation

  • prairiemoon2 z6 MA

    It looks like a fun project, but, I'm wondering, how many actual edible figs you would get out of one and how long it would take to mature enough to produce anything more than a taste. And these have to be grown indoors in the winter, I imagine?

  • katiebeth128_wv_6b

    prairiemoon2, I highly recommend figs if you have not grown them before, they are very productive if given the chance and conditions. I have about 25 varieties growing in my GH. Only a few of them are what I would call late season figs and I am still able to ripen them with the help of the GH. I only heat the GH in the winter when temps drop really low. The Takoma Violet fig I have was able to ripen around 20 figs this year - it was merely a 6" cutting in January. I can't think of very many fruit trees that can do that

    Having said that, I-258 is a late season fig compared to the Takoma Violet I mentioned

  • prairiemoon2 z6 MA

    Thanks KatieBeth - [pretty name :-)]. Unfortunately, I have a hard enough time growing houseplants. I've stuck to pretty low light plants. I do get a little sun in a West window that has some interference late in the day from tree tops, but not even one Southern exposure. I try to winter over one Hibiscus and that has managed to get by most years, but it's definitely not thriving. If I ever move to a house with southern windows, I'd definitely try it. :-)

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