Induction cooktops - Miele flush mount vs Thermador Freedom?

2 years ago

Since starting my kitchen I have planned to get the Thermador Freedom induction cooktop. But I just learned about the Miele KM 6375 which is flush to the counter when installed.

I love the fact that the Freedom allows you to cook anywhere at all on the cooktop without worrying about zones. And I love how the color control pad looks. But I also LOVE the way the 6375 looks installed flush to the countertop. So sleek! At least that's how it looks in the Miele photos.

My question is, are there any downsides to a completely flush cooktop that I am not considering? I know that the fabricator will have to be very good to achieve this look.

I have read several reviews about the Freedom controls being very laggy. That is not ideal when cooking. This cooktop has been out for a few years now, I wonder if this has been addressed in newer models or via a firmware update (if such a thing is possible)?

Any strong feelings one way or the other? Or pros/cons for either which I may not have thought of?

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