Curcuma - what does it need to flower properly?

2 years ago

I've bought my potted curcuma (Siam tulip?) on July 16th with 1 open flower and 2 flower buds. Repotted the same day into a large pot. The open flower withered in a few days. One of the flower buds opened 2 weeks later (picture), the other one is still standing shut... It's been a month!? Why is it not opening? What is it waiting for?

The plant looks happy (I think) and has produced more buds, and some tiny new shoots... In total I now have 8 flower buds in different sizes. And it seems NONE of them are planning to open anytime soon. Why?

Position - just next to a south window.

Temperature ~ 25-28 C during the day (possibly hotter in the sun by the window).

Soil is kept moist all the time (I think it was a compost/peat/perlite mix)

No fertilizer (should I?).

Air is possibly too dry (I try misting it regularly and just recently placed three "pebble plates" - expanded clay pebbles in water, placed directly on the soil under foliage)

P.S. I already know they are called "bracts" and the true flowers are those tiny things on them - but those are nothing to write home about.. btw, I do see those true flowers on unopened bracts! Why?

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