Arhaus furniture quality?

I am considering purchasing a sectional and leather chair from Arhaus. However, when I search for reviews online, they are a bit questionable in terms of quality and customer service. Does anyone have experience with a purchase from Arhaus?

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  • PRO

    Arhaus is a furniture retailer. They dont manufacture anything, they source from different suppliers/manufactures domestic and overseas. But I believe their product mix leans heavily on imports. Thus one customers experience will be different that someone else's, depending on what the product is when it was purchased and how and where its made. Anytime your making a major purchase, its up to the consumer to do their own homework so to speak to know first hand if their getting a quality sofa for their money.

    Suggest start by searching this forum for this type of info.

  • Lenora Cupcake

    I am in the same boat. I have been looking at their leather sectionals for the last six months as well as Restoration Hardware, EQ3 and Bassett. The cheaper lines at Bassett are manufactured in China. Restoration Hardware, Arhaus and EQ3 at least manufacture their sectionals in North America. I don't want to spend $10,000 on a sectional but it looks like finding one for $5,000 or less means something manufactured in China. No thanks!

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  • Lenora Cupcake

    Also, have you noticed the sales tactics at Arhaus? Much more aggressive than any other retailer. It's impressive.

  • Katherine Harrell
    Yes I have noticed that! But I just luuuvvvvv the furniture at Arhaus. I did end up purchasing a sectional and am anxious for it to arrive. Wish me luck!
  • sandylmckinney

    Katherine - did you get your sectional? I am looking at buying the leather Kipton sectional.

  • Katherine Harrell

    Hi, Sandy! I DID!!! In fact, we just got it a week ago and I am THRILLED!!! It transformed our sun porch. It seems very high-quality and I was quite pleased with Arhaus all the way around. This is from the Dune collection

    and my fabric is called "Pepper." Ha ha! I did not mean to choose the photo with my husband on the sectional, but it does allow you to see how large it is. He is 6'1". It is an A++++ in every way.

  • Violet Lee

    Hi Katherine! Are you still happy with your Dune sectional? We're thinking of buying the Dune, but now reading such poor reviews online about Arhaus' quality and customer service. Have you had a good experience with them? Thanks!

  • Katherine Harrell

    Hi, Violet! I am thrilled to report that we absolutely love our sofa. It seems to be VERY well-made. The Dune sectionals are made in North Carolina and seem to be high-quality. We had a couple of small glitches with Arhaus, but in general, we were so pleased. Best of luck!

  • Violet Lee

    Thank you for the update Katherine! So glad to hear you're happy with your purchase!

  • Heather Shaw
    Katherine - this info is soooo helpful!!! We’re debating the Kipton in silversmith. We already own the Athens media center and adore it. Just were sure of the sectional. I didn’t see Dune at the store...what was the tipping point for you between Kipton and Dune?
  • aehgn1

    I 9have had the opposite experience with all my dealings with Arhaus. I absolutely love their aesthetic! But have been disappointed again and again with their delivery tactics as well as their quality. Be advised -- they routinely list something as being 'in stock' only to find that months and months will go by before you can actually receive the item. On each of the 4 items i bought from them -- a couch, coffee table, ottoman, and chair -- i had the exact same experience. The item was listed online as 'in stock' and able to ship in 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, I called Arhaus and was told -- very politely -- that it had now gone to backordered. Note: I did not receive a phone call from them telling me this, but had to initiate the conversation myself. I was told the backorder should be in by the end of the current month. End of the current month comes, I once again call Arhaus -- again, no follow up from the company -- only to be told that, sorry, it was now going to be 2 more weeks. Two more weeks go by, and again, I call Arhaus -- no call from them -- to be told it was going to be another 2 weeks. This went on and on. It was months before any of the items arrived. I now believe this to be a standard operating tactic with Arhaus -- they hook customers in with the look, and then order the piece from the manufacturer AFTER they have a confirmed sale. So be cautious -- if it's something you'd like to receive anytime soon, I'd shop elsewhere. And just an additional note: The couch, which I've now had for about 90 days, is breaking apart. The back panel has pulled away from the back cushion and needs to be fixed. I will not be shopping with Arhaus again.

  • Patrick Howard

    Congratulations to those that had a positive experience. My wife and I cannot say that we have had or share that same experience. We made our initial purchase mid January and purchased a sectional as well as a couple cabinets, coffee table, end table and various decor items. We made this purchase at the Wood-field Mall store in Schaumburg, Illinois. In all it was around the 12K mark that we spent on everything as we were trying to transform our family room. We were told that it would be 3 months until the furniture would be delivered as they had to custom make it due to the fabric we chose. We were completely fine with that as we knew what we wanted and were willing to wait. 3 months roll around and we sell off all of our previous furniture pieces so we are ready to set up house. We get the call anticipating that we would be scheduling delivery but instead it was a call letting us know that we could not get our furniture as they didn't have our fabric. My thought was...you didn't know that early on in the process, you just found that out the week we were supposed to be getting it? I explained that we were living with no furniture in our home due to this and expressed my utter dismay. In all fairness after my aggressive complaining they did rebate us around 1.2K. They did commit to getting it to us in June 2019 which was now an additional 3 months with no furniture. When we purchased the furniture we told the salesperson that we wanted the exact layout as displayed in the store as that was the layout that would fit our room, Ohhh...no problem Phillip Kovari our salesperson tells us, he writes up our order, we pay we are on our way. He never verified Right Arm or Left Arm as we said we wanted that exact layout as the floor model. We didn't know to ask as we designated that layout. So that brings us to today. We get our delivery call which is a pain in and of itself as they are less than flexible on their delivery dates which don't unfortunately coincide with our days off so this forced my wife to take a day off from work to allow delivery. we scheduled delivery for a particular 2 hour window and they decided to show up 2 hours early when of course my wife wasn't expecting them now was she ready to have them tromping through our home. So we are taking delivery and they set up the furniture and its the wrong configuration. The ABSOLUTE wrong layout. The opposite of the one in the store. The opposite of the one that our sales person Phillip Kovari said was nooo problem, this is our most popular set, its all we sell. WRONG!!! We are six months into this ordeal with Arhaus, have the wrong furniture and are not happy. So my wife contacts the store to let them know there has been a mix up and we would like it rectified. We spent a lot, waited an exorbitant amount of time and want some form of satisfaction. She speaks to a lady at the store who proceeds to brush her off saying they don't deal with that in the store and would have to contact customer service. She proceeds to contact customer service and speaks with Holly Ozer who as my wife described couldn't have been nicer. Holly asks the questions that were never asked by Phillip, did the sales person discuss arm side layout, My wife said no as we had asked specifically for that layout. the she asked if we had contacted the store, which she answered, yes but they said they couldn't help us to call you. Holly advised my wife that yes they are supposed to help us, well....they may want to train their employees at that store as they clearly don't think its their responsibility to deal with unsatisfied customers. So, holly lets my wife know that she is contacting the store and they should be in contact with her withing 24 hours and if they aren't to reconnect with her and she would handle it. Holly said they will make it right and exchange the furniture but we are now in that same 3 month que that started with on January 13. so it looks like we will be 9 months or more until our most utilized room is actually usable. My advice, if you read this review, RUN....go to La-Z-Boy, Basset, Walter E. Smith. We have always used these companies in the past and had great results. Shame on us for trying something new and shame on Arhaus for this pathetic display of customer service.

  • Violet Lee

    Wow, I am so sorry to hear about all the disastrous Arhaus stories. Yelp did give us a little warning too about its delivery and customer service issues, so we were very reluctant to do business with them. We ended up finding another well-made, custom sectional, locally, for much less than Arhaus. Reading these stories here makes me grateful that we dodged a bullet. Thanks for the warning. Hopefully Arhaus can get their act together.

  • hannacroix7

    So, it's been a looooong path to this review. What I will say is I love the designs and the beauty of the things in the store and because of that I may potentially order from them again BUT know this and know it well - their process for delivery on time is nil, delivery for all of the pieces promised nil, and showing up when they agree to nearly nil. I have made several purchases from the store - a customized table which as I write I am awaiting delivery for AGAIN because THIS time the custom made table top (made of zinc) was not wearing correctly and apparently they had a batch with problems so this is an exchange - delivery was 1pm to 5pm, almost 7pm not a word and no answer from the delivery people, when I called the store at 5pm I was told they were behind but still coming but no indication thus far. The 1st trip for the table - the table was smashed, 2nd delivery they only delivered the pedestal!!!! 3rd time still not here!!! When I ordered custom bed it was late, custom table was late, ordered huge candle vases - smashed on arrival, had to go through shipping other one back to get the exchange. Sooo, once again I am disappointed with respect to the customer service and delivery. It is difficult to step away as their products (overall) are lovely and different then many places you can find you just have to sincerely be able t o deal with casualities in shipping and long ass waits and overall unreliability.

  • planb20007

    Sadly the customer service ruins the brand. Beautiful stuff but you wait months and months with no phone calls or emails -
    Palm beach Gardens store

  • Lane Potts

    I will have to add to the negative reviews if Arhaus. Ive had the same delivery issues and customer service issues. I won’t bore everyone with details unless asked. Right now, I’m waiting on shipment until early September from an item finished August 8th. And I’m expected to be happy about that, according to Arhaus. Super thrilled the delivery fee is $299 for this kind of run around. And that I have paid over $8000 for a sectional that is sitting on a truck somewhere. Now I’m just praying it comes not damaged or wrong because I’ve read too many other nightmare stories of damaged furniture and the company giving the run around for months. I’m worried And frustrated!!

  • zeotic

    I recently bought kipton leather two piece sectional. I ordered in Mar 2019 and it arrived in May 2019. From day one I noticed that seating cushion keeps slipping from the couch. I think there is some defect in the design of the piece. I have to adjust the seating couch 3 or 4 times a day before sitting. I would not recommend this couch.

    I reached out to the customer service and they responded with the below comments.

    Arhaus Response

    I apologize for the delay, but per our QC department, this is not considered a defect. This is a custom piece and the fabrics chosen were to your specifications. We can certainly offer referrals for techs that might be able to offer some suggestions on after market products that might stop the cushions from moving, but we have no further resolution to that effect for this piece.


    Melissa McDonald, Concierge, Territory 3
    ARHAUS I Your Home

  • Colleen T

    I got an Arhaus catalog today and was going to go to the store to see the sofa's in person, but due to the reviews here, I'll be skipping Arhaus. Arhaus is an expensive brand and it seems as though they need to take their customer service up a notch!

  • Patrick Bradley

    Im considering the kipton sofa. Its my favorite sofa i e tried out in stores to date. Im a little wary of these delivery issues though as the configuration is considered custom. Hopefully it wont take forever. I dont think I will have the slipping issue as I will go with the standard fabric

  • zeotic

    Slipping is not because of the cover. It is basically due to the design of the base and probably the shape of the cushions. Look at the back side of the cushion which is just fabric. Why will fabric slip against fabric? There is a flaw in the design and I am sure all the cushions will slip.

  • planb20007

    Honestly is great quality at a great price. It’s just the delivery takes forever. I think if the salespeople were just honest about when it would arrive expectations would be in line. But they don’t want to say you will get it in 5 months - or they won’t make the sale - it must come from China. I could make it faster myself.

  • Leana Giannios

    has anyone purchased any dining room furniture from them?

  • Colorado Troutguy

    We have purchased quite a few items from Arhaus because their designs are to our liking. Lead times are long, so be prepared.

    Most recently we bought a sofa and other LR pieces in white. See below. The delivery people (3rd party) brought in furniture and placed for us and were friendly. Unfortunately, the next day, in different light I saw that they had soiled the fabric with hand prints and finger prints in many spots. Ughhh. We contacted Arhaus and they sent a person who specializes in cleaning fabrics and he removed the stains; he was timely and did a good job.

    When RH delivers their people wear gloves...literally white gloves. Arhaus, with nice items and charging in same range as RH should also demand that their delivery people (3rd party or otherwise) handle this expensive furniture with better care? I suppose we should have noticed they weren't wearing gloves and demanded the two gentlemen wash their hands or loaned them gloves, but in the rush of delivery activity we weren't vigilant.

  • K G

    Hi Katherine! It’s now been over a year, I was wondering if you’re still happy with your Dune sectional? Thanks!!!

  • hallle0001

    I purchased a Dune sectional and had it slip covered in a washable fabric (that upped the cost of the sectional like 2K), only to have one year later the stitching is coming apart. I contacted the concierge's service, only to have them tell me fabric isn't covered, they couldn't help me. I would not recommend purchasing from Arhaus, for the price, they don't stand behind their product, and it should not fall apart within a year of purchase. Also, I only washed the slip cover, handwash cycle, and air dried, one time in this year...so I don't think that is the issue.

  • Katherine Harrell

    Hi, K G! Honestly, I was worried after reading all of these comments! But a year later, we are still so happy with our Dune sectional. It is wearing beautifully and we use it daily. I am thankful! But I am sad to hear about the bad experiences that so many have had with Arhaus. That is unacceptable. But their stuff still takes my breath away!

  • denise hicks

    I purchased a custom leather Devereaux Bed , $4500, and the bed had lumps and bumps which I photographed and they replaced the bed. However, I would think that better quality review would have prevented it being sent out in the first place. The issues were very obvious.

  • HU-722772410

    We recently purchased the Dune sectional and it did not represent the Dune on display in the store. After sitting on it for an hour after delivery, it lost its shape. We paid $7,000 for this specific order and expected the same quality as the floor model. I contacted the store where we purchased the Dune and they referenced me to the concierge service to handle my complaint. The concierge did reply in a timely manner and after reviewing the pictures that I sent of our couch, they immediately offered to replace all of the cushions. We are still waiting for the cushions to arrive,as our Dune was delivered on December 28th. I would not recommend that anyone spend money on this sectional . The one on display was firm and held its shape, ours immediately lost its shape and it is extremely disappointing for the money that we spent.

  • Colleen T

    They need to add another layer of stuffing to those back pillows. We ordered a sofa from a different company and were dissatisfied because the back cushions were not like the floor display. They immediately inserted another layer of foam stuffing and the back cushions are great and hold their shape. Good luck.

  • cshirleyricci

    I can’t say how crappy Arhous’s customer service is, and how badly we’ve been treated. Do not buy anything from Arhous. Especially do not buy a sectional sofa. Absolutely crap. And speaking to their concierge customer care is like talking to the wall. I’m so disappointed with my Tahoe feather and down sectional sofa. It’s badly designed and I’m very sorry I bought it. It’s a $15,000 sectional in a gorgeous leather but there’s no frame work support to be able to sit on comfortably. It’s a ridiculous design. It’s like a huge leather bean bag, but filled with feather. No support. Terrible!!!
    And did I mention, their customer care department is non existent!!! Buyer beware!!

  • HU-722772410

    Thank you:) they are going to replace all of our cushions, as the seat cushions are leaving indentations as well. I am hoping for the nice firm appearance and support that their display model shows. We ordered the Dune in September and the new cushions will arrive in March. It’s quite frustrating, but I will keep you posted on the new ones. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.

  • Ali Karasic

    I was going to order the Kipton couch. I’ve been looking at it for a year! After reading all these reviews, I’ll look for a better company. I need to know the quality AND service is good or why spend $6000 on a couch?!

  • HU-722772410

    We bought some furniture from Mitchel Gold & Bob Williams and are extremely satisfied not only with the quality, but the customer service. I wish we would have purchased our sectional from them as well. I would not recommend Arhaus for a sectional couch based on our experience of receiving such a poor quality Dune.

  • Lee Ann Miller

    I would NOT recommend Arhaus! It has been an absolute terrible experience from day one. I purchased a very large sectional. I was happy to get it for 45% off but still ended up paying $7000. It took 12 weeks to be delivered and part of the sectional was damaged. The fabric and rope decoration around the back rim of couch were not sewed together. The staples were exposed. I was given a phone number to call to file a claim. I took pictures, submitted and was told it could be repaired on site. After 6 weeks a company came out and told us it could not be repaired. They told us they would contact us for repair or replacement but it would need to be removed, worked on and delivered. It’s been 22 weeks and nothings been done. I have a crappy damaged couch I paid in full for $7000 that’s not worth. $100. Steer clear!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colorado Troutguy

    Thanks for the warning; guess we consider ourselves lucky in that we bought at least 10 pieces over the years from Arhaus and only the couch (see above) had an issue. Good info. for the future!

  • Andreana Verona

    Thank you for all the bad reviews! I was about to buy an Emory sectional from Arhaus but at this point I think I’ll pass.

    I think if they would do a good job right from the beginning they could probably keep lower prices, instead of continuously wasting material(=cash) replacing all the parts fabrics/pillows/etc that are messed up!

  • jerrysab

    TLDR - We purchased 7 pieces of furniture online; they showed up 1 week later and we are extremely happy with the couch and the service.

    We just purchased the Coburn 6 piece sectional and a few extra ottomans from Arhaus.com. We didn't visit a showroom or make good on any local discounts. We read many of the negative reviews that can be found online and were nervous, but we also reeeaally liked the couch and the price - which was definitely lower than similar couch designs found elsewhere. We chose the cool gray version, as it said IN STOCK on the website, and didn't care to wait for the other tone which had a 4 week lead time. We ordered on a Saturday. I called customer service Monday to see about shipping progress, mainly because we'd read so many reviews about products not shipping or being delayed without any information provided. I was very surprised to hear that it had left the warehouse in Ohio and was en route to Los Angeles. 1 week later I received a text to set up local shipping. The next day it arrived. The delivery service was excellent; they called 15 minutes before arrival, arriving at the earliest range of a 2 hour window. They unboxed and unwrapped each piece outside, sparing us all the shrapnel that accompanies unboxing, brought each piece into the house and arranged at our direction. They dealt with all of the trash from the packaging. The sofa itself looks incredible. Super sturdy. This is a day 1 review, and I'm happy to follow up with longer term thoughts, but we are extremely happy with how it all went down.

  • Lucy M.

    I also feel like most people write reviews when they are unhappy. The majority of customers these days don't take to yelp or houzz to just say hey, had a great experience. It's just how it goes. It is concerning, however as I have heard fantastic things about Arhaus sofas and just found one I love, but truthfully, every brand I've researched, and there have been MANY, has majority bad reviews about one thing or another... Who knows...

  • Cocotini Hartman

    I purchased an Arhaus sofa and am very pleased with it. Figure I'd add another positive review since there are so many negative ones.

  • carini26

    We purchased the Carrinna coffee table from Arhaus. Very satisfied with look and value thinking we were getting quality wood species with unique look. Upon delivery, however, we inspected and noticed one of the corners was smashed during delivery and exposed what is a laminate/thin veneer over particle board. Disappointing but we ended up exchanging because we were satisfied with look/shape. Second table arrived with what we thought was zero damage... only to discover month later after rotating the underside had indeed been smashed/damaged during transit. Customer service was unhelpful and said this was not a defect! We sent in additional photos showing it was clearly damage. Crickets. Finally called again and now they said it was outside of their return/exchange window but they could direct me to their 'technicians' to help savage a repair. A total joke. So now we have spent thousands on this place and they are completely unwilling to back their product knowing these cheap materials will not survive more than a few years max with daily use. This company will not survive for long with this approach.

  • PRO

    Arhaus has been moving more and more of their upholstery manufacturing overseas including China and Vietnam. But thats not what they advertise, and I can see from images posted here that some of you have been mislead about the origin. Thomas Bain in Conover NC does make some of their upholstery, but TB has never been associated with high end quality.

  • Johanna Nestor

    Hello, I was looking at the coburn sectional. I see @jerrysab has one. If you wouldn't mind, I had two questions about it. Is it light enough and easy enough for one person to move the pieces around and rearrange it? Does it have any clips or device to keep it together so it doesn't move once it's been put in a certain position? Thank you in advance!!

  • nadiarzv

    Thank you for your reviews. I will not be shopping with this company ever. God Bless everyone that had to endure this difficulty and horrible service

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