Tufty Time vs. B&B Italia

Angelo Sotira
2 years ago

Very intersted in a tufty time couch, a bit overwhelmed by the B&B Italia prices. Found which sells a replica, does anyone have this replica?

I can’t seem to find reviews or any objective information out there about it.

Is’s product comparable to B&B Italia’s quality?

Does anyone have the replica version of the couch? Could you tell us about it?

Is there a visible difference between the two?

What’s the story here? How can copy a design owned by B&B Italia?

Any information is welcomed.

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  • Gleb Zaslavsky
    2 years ago

    Have the same question. Any updates on your research, gentlemen?

  • Kristi Woodcock
    last year

    Has anyone bought a Tuftytime yet? I'm curious too

  • kereninoz
    last year

    Same question:)

  • Kristie Morrison
    last year

    I just bought a custom made Tufty Time sofa (replica of the BB Italia) through the Tufty Time Vancouver location, it is so absolutely uncomfortable, I would never recommend anyone buying one! I am currently battling to get my money back, a huge disappointment after waiting 4 months for it to be made. The sofa looks beautiful but it is rock hard, I can feel the wooden frame jabbing into my back, and I specified a softer cushion than they normally use! A waste of money. Tufty Time makes it impossible to return the product as well, they charge a 30% restocking fee (which amounts to over $1,000 in my case) plus shipping. My situation is definitely a manufacturing issue, they used far too little cushioning and I shouldn’t have to pay 30% for an error on their part. Dealing with the company is incredibly frustrating because they won’t take responsibility. If they had made the sofa properly and had adequate quality control I never would have wanted to return it as it looks the part. So unfortunate. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

  • PRO
    last year

    Hello Kristie,

    We appreciate your feedback and we are sorry to hear about your disappointment with your order.

    Our production team had launched an internal investigation to your order, when you had contacted us with your concerns.
    They have confirmed that your order was produced to our quality standards respectively and we had forwarded images of the internal components of your TuftyTime. As your sofa is brand new, with usage the TuftyTime cushions do continue to soften over time.

    (It is important to keep in mind that sofas that you test in showrooms have the benefit of being broken in by many customers and do not have the same feel as a brand new sofa that is delivered to you)

    The TuftyTime is sofa is not a plush style sofa and in order to maintain the integrity of the modular squares without the cushions sagging/flattening etc there is a wooden structural frame.

    As illustrated by the images e-mailed to you, there is 6" of foam that is utilized in production for the seat and seat back portion is composed of of different layers of high-density quality foam.
    Typically traditional sofas have only one standard layer foam with the wooden frame.

    We do see that our claims manager e-mailed you choice of resolution on Oct.21st and have not yet received a response from you.

    Again, we appreciate your feedback and if you have any inquiries or feedback, please let us know and we would be more than happy to assist.

    Warmest Regards,

  • HU-182499683
    last year


    i am interested in a Tuffty time also

    I am assuming your problems are with the replica ?

  • HU-50422448
    6 months ago

    I have a tufty-too I am thinking of selling.

  • uberbrawd
    5 months ago
    last modified: 5 months ago

    I can't find any complaints on BBB about We had a similar issue with very stiff (new) mattresses, and they did soften a lot over a few months (the store gave us the same warning). However, wood jabbing through your back is an entirely different matter.

    I also found (slightly cheaper than B&B) with free shipping. I just did some comparing between the two. Here's stuff you should know: Tuftytime offers 55 different colors (with their Martindale scores, their material blends etc.), and they offer as many samples as you want, if you pay $15 for shipping. Tuftysofa only lets you choose a few swatches, and has NO information on them (just 33 small, generic color squares - you can't even zoom in on them - and there are no photos?). Very very odd. They do have great reviews (but not all good, so that's honest), but no photos of their work - strange. The low reviews (3 stars out of 5) all complain about the shipping time (everything is made in Denmark), so who knows?

    Pricing wise, I put the same Tufty Sofa replica items in my cart (for each website), and was $2000 cheaper than Tufty Time!! Tufty Sofa also offers a 7 year manufacturers warranty, and only $49 to deliver the sofa into your home. Tufty Time, is $2032 more expensive to be exact, and charges $550 to have the sofa delivered into your home (that probably includes installation if it's "white glove," but I'm pretty sure Tufty Sofa offers the same for $49). Tufty Time charges tax, and Tufty Sofa charges no tax (most likely because their presence is in Denmark and not CA etc.?). Tufty Time's warranty is a limited 1 year warranty only. I still have to do more research on Tufty Sofa, but I have to admit a $2k price difference is pretty shocking for a replica sofa - Tufty Sofa does have agents in SF and SJ (supposedly), but I'm still not sure if they are legit. Has anyone bought from them? I don't know if I would, after going through rip-off hell with Bo Concept in SF and Denmark (just say no!!). Any info would be great, thanks! I'll repost this as a separate post...

  • Matt T
    last month

    Really hoping more people that own one of these sofas will jump on an comment about their experience! I ordered a sofa for $3k from despite the rock hard/wood jabbing back comment. I think they might have skimped on the cushioning (Kristie’s review) because “softer” cushions were requested so I hope the standard cushioning will be more full and not have that wood jabbing your back business. I love the style of these sofas but the actual B&B Italia ones are like $13k for a good one so I went with what I am praying to be the next best thing. I still have a few more weeks before my sofa arrives but I am concerned that I can’t find any reviews online besides these. And there is nothing on YouTube!! That scares me. And out of no where website went completely out of commission. They said they were “rebranding” but just made a new website with the same content (lots of links take you to the old one so they don’t work). Once this thing arrives I promise I will post an update for anyone that cares to know the truth about these sofas. Thanks to Kristie for leaving the only legit review anywhere on the internet. I will find out soon if I’m an idiot for not listening...

  • Kristi Woodcock
    last month

    I ordered from about a year ago and like you i was nervous. we have four kids and a dog so we really live on our furniture. I’ve been super pleased with it and hope you are too! It was really frustrating not finding anyone online so was relviesing them though. I can tell you i would definitely order from them again!

  • uberbrawd
    last month
    last modified: last month

    #MarkSchenkel, I just tried finding tuftysofa, and I'm shocked they've just disappeared without any message etc. I was just pricing them out 3 months ago! Please keep us posted!

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