18 year old boy, DISGUSTING, lazy mom.

Ivory Hull
2 years ago

I live with my mom, 52, and my brother, 18. I'm 16 and I clean up after myself. My 18 year old brother, however, does not. He has cat poop and liter covering the ground of his bedroom along with bottles full of urine, empty food boxes, food, etc. The smell of him AND his room is revolting. Not to mention he smokes and drinks too. He does not pay rent or buy groceries and eats EVERYTHING in the kitchen. My mother has tried in the past to straighten him out, even sending him to military school, did not work. He has quit multiple jobs. And he breaks things and doesn't fix them, smashes the cars and doesn't pay for it. He also craps in the toilet and leaves it there. He plays online video games on his PC night and day. He has ADHD and maybe he is depressed? But my mom won't kick him out or threaten to do so. I don't know what to do. Help.

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