Non-slip bathroom rugs

Lars/J. Robert Scott
last year
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I am now on medication that makes me dizzy and unstable in the evening, and two days ago I slipped on my bathroom rug, fell into the tub, hit my head on the wall, and bruised my back. I have a rug with no rubber on the bottom, as it is easier to clean, but now I think it is dangerous.

The rug between the toilet and bathtub (the one I slipped on) is 24"W x 40"L, but it could be a couple of inches shorter, but I do like the 24" width. I have another smaller one in front of the vanity, and it does not have to be large at all, and it would be nice if they would match.

Can I add rubber stickers to the backs of my rugs to make them save? I already have some of these that I ordered for the bathtub, but the bathtubs really don't need them

Where is the best place to look for a safe bathroom rug?

I have a tile floor, and I am wondering if I should put a rubber mat under the rug. I don't know if that would be enough.

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