Cleaned/defrosted the freezer today!

We have an excess of some things frozen from the garden.

Tomato sauce, thin. I'm guessing I can use this as a soup base? Don't eat much pasta.

Zucchini soup base. Zuk, cooked and food processed. I'm guessing another soup base? We eat a lot of soup in the winter!

Fruit! Cherries and peaches! Moved to a house with mature cherry and peach tree! Of course we love fresh fruit, and use some in muffins, but we don't eat sweets like pie in the winteror jams!

I give a lot away, but I am still ending up with several gallons in the freezer!

I know, for most this isn't an issue, but trying to keep our sugar intake at a minimum as we are in our 60s and both a bit overweight.

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