Counter top seam weak point??

Jeff Smith
3 years ago construction, counters about to be cut now by fabricators. Concerned about seams in wrong places and causing weak points. Material: quartz slab (called new carrara, fairly white with light veining -see below).

Our concern is that in our last house we had a seam in front of the cooktop (a cooktop is dropped in like some sinks). Anyway, there was about 2" of granite and after a while the granite heaved and seam became contaminated with liquids, oil, water and looked hideous. I know there will not be a seam in front of cooktop (we're using a range instead) but looks like plan only calls for 1.5 inches of quartz in narrowest point in front of sink. Will that spot be a "bad seam" and collect water, heave or change because it's in the middle of the sink & only 1.5

inches wide?

I've read other houzz posts and it seems like people are split (no pun intended) on where to put seam for counter tops; some say bisecting the sink is ok, others prefer to have seam away from sink, in the wider portion of counter. Have also been told that it's easier to create "less visible" seams with quartz compared with granite?

Below is plan from fabricator, and lengths, placement is visible. Their default cuts are in red, splitting sink and one other seam. After my wife talked to them they offered the alternative as shown in yellow.

Nearing the end of 1 year of construction and don't want to make mistakes in final stages!

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