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January Building A Home Thread

January 1, 2019

Happy New Year! New month, new year! Let's hope we all have a very productive month on our home build.

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  • R. C.

    After signing our original contract for build in March of 2018, things are finally starting to move along (they poured the footers in August and didn't put down block until mid October due to rain and scheduling). We just found out that electrical, rough-in, and framing inspections passed yesterday. Hoping that the scheduled insulation actually happens this coming week!

  • Sam Goh

    Doh... we are officially moved to the Feb thread....

    Left to do - stain/seal hardwood floors, switches fans and electrical, plumbing fixtures, sheet rock fix + touch up paint, and final punchlist time!

  • R. C.

    Hoping all goes smoothly Sam!

  • Pinebaron

    Kitchen backsplash finally completed. Two pics, our original design rendering and then the real thing followed by other pics.

    A few closeups

    And lastly damp views out of the kitchen and family room today; it may brighten up later

  • kriii

    So fun looking at everyone's pictures and reading about the progress! We walked through our home today for the first time in about three weeks. We can see a lot of electrical and HVAC work has been done. Drywall should start soon. In the meantime, I busy myself binge watching HGTV and shopping for finishes. Most of the exterior siding is installed and we LOVE the color! Very excited to see what the exterior stone will look like once it is added. Hope the freezing spell that is coming this week doesn't slow things down too much.

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  • Pinebaron

    Back home this week. What an amazing view to wake up to.

  • kennady12
    Opinions needed

    Framers are finishing up , they got the porch on and brow over garage , (both getting metal roofing ) do you all think the pitch is too steep on the brow over garage ?
  • wysmama
    The brow does seem more steep than the porch roof next to it, but I do not think it looks bad.
  • wysmama
    Pool waterline tile going in.
  • R. C.

    kennady - I can see the difference, but I think it looks fine. Maybe the steeper pitch is because there are no columns to hold it up?

  • kennady12
    It is indeed steeper and the builder mentioned in the beginning that they are usually a little steeper . My SO thinks it looks weird ...
  • kennady12
    Thanks Rebecca, kinda wishing we would have went without the brow now . Seemed like a good idea at the time . Lol
  • Kathy

    We have had our building permit for an entire month now and the only thing that has been accomplished is the construction entrance (temporary driveway) and the footers dug. The footers have filled with water, so the builder has a sump pump in them, but now the temperatures are too cold to pour concrete. The temps don't look good for the rest of the week either. We are going up to Virginia on Thursday, but I would almost rather not because it's kind of painful to know that out of the past month there has only been about 3 days of work. We lost the rest due to soggy ground problems. I keep getting my hopes up and keep being disappointed. Maybe the only good thing to come of this delay is that we will be able to get the trail camera installed before the construction begins. Rebecca, this is complete torture. HOW DID YOU SURVIVE???

    Brad - love the coffered ceiling. If ours ever gets built it has 2 ft deep coffers in the great room.

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  • wysmama
    Kathy- it is a marathon, not a sprint. There are weeks that go by when nothing gets done. It is beyond frustrating. But in the end, I hope we can all say it was worth it! Hope the weather warms up soon!
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  • kayce03
    Concrete pour!
  • NewEnglandgal

    Kriii what did you get for exterior siding and what color?

    Pinebaron love that sunrise, just beautiful. Your house looks great. Very exciting.

    Kennady they look different but not necessarily a bad thing. If you or SO are really unhappy about it is there anything they can do?

    Kathy hope this weather dissipates soon so your builder can get the ball rolling. Very frustrating. Maybe in a few days this weather will move out and warmer temps will prevail.

    Our builder is taking days off waiting for trusses to be delivered. The worst part of building-waiting.

  • Kathy

    Kayce03 - Congrats!!! Exciting progress.

    kennady12, It's hard to tell how the brow will look when it's all finished, but you are going to be kicking yourselves if you let them leave it there and it bugs you for the rest of the time you live there. If it was me and I thought it looked odd, I'd have them take it down now before it's too late.

    wysmama, you are right. I need to take a chill pill. It will get built...eventually.... Also your lighting choices are really nice. I like your sconce option #1. I'm not sure why that armpit needs to be censored though....

    Pinebaron, your kitchen is absolutely amazing. You're ready to do some SERIOUS cooking now.

  • wysmama
    Kayce- what a view!!

    Fingers crossed that our exterior paint color looks like we envisioned. We definitely went bold. I am too nervous to go by and look. Painters were there today. I will give it a few days, and get up the nerve to take a look.
  • Cyndy

    We passed rough in inspections for electrical, plumbing and HVAC on the first try this week (and later part of last). The professionals are done for awhile (except spray foam tomorrow) and now we get busy.

    Finally got the ok from the truss company on how to fortify the trusses - now we can build the cantilevered landing for the stairs. My husband is out of town this week, so I will be tiling a shower. Bath is a rush since FEMA is in a hurry for their trailer back and it's too cold to shower outside, even in Texas! We will likely have to boil water and take baths because the gas company is SLOW and so completely disorganized. Electric installed a brand new pole and should have the meter installed and temp service on in the next 3-5 days!

    i am thankful every day that I live in a small community where the inspector is available, helpful, and thorough. He is ok with us using the shower and running the water to the yard. Septic guy is waiting for the yard to dry out. I jokingly told him I would see him in June. REALLY hope that isn't the case!!!

  • R. C.

    Kathy - it has been frustrating. We had water in our footers for about two months. This weather has been so very irritating - to build during the rainiest year on record is definitely frustrating. I hope things start speeding up for you soon!!

  • Kathy
    Rebecca, Thanks! I'll bet you're glad to have some momentum going finally.

    Your good wishes worked. Builder just let us know that the footers were poured today and he has the mason scheduled on Saturday or Monday but they need to drill a well first so the mason will have water . We are building on raised slab.
  • nidnay

    Holy moly Pinebarron...those windows!! Awesome.

    And the rest of you all need to post more pics so I can get my building fix. We finished our build several months ago but I still love looking at all the new construction.

  • Pinebaron

    @nidnay, the window pics don’t do justice to the stunning panaromIc view in combination with two east facing windows. It is a dramatic 3D experience as one walks towards the kitchen from the foyer and we simply love it. It all came together exactly as deslgned. Perhaps I can create a short video clip.

  • nidnay

    Pinebarron...I totally get it (the panaroma). We had a snowstorm a bit ago and it felt like I was in a snow globe (with east, south, and west facing windows we were surrounded by snow). I can only imagine yours...I fully understand that pics just don’t do it justice.

    Ha....I actually made a video (set quality to high) of the snowfall back during Christmas (pardon the Christmas decorations and the old decor....still a work in progress :) )

  • mrswaves
    Home stretch! Builder asked if we are ok delaying a couple weeks- fine by me, it’s freezing and we don’t plan to move until at least March!

    Hardware in kitchen is almost done, backsplash going in as soon as tiles are delivered. Just little stuff going on now. We’re so happy with how everything turned out!
  • Pinebaron

    @nidnay: Looks amazing!

  • Missi Smith
    Stunning Nidnay!!! Your windows are incredible!!!
  • Brad
    @nidnay - I LOVE the walnut countertop. Gorgeousness!
  • NewEnglandgal

    Pinebaron I imagine it is such a stunning view with all those windows. Id never want to leave and sitting out on the deck all day would be my thing. Love it.

    Nidnay your house is gorgeous and that video is so peaceful looking out the windows with the beautiful snow falling.

    Mrswaves your house is so pretty.

    Kathy so glad they are able to move forward on the house. Prayers the good weather stays for awhile.

  • R. C.

    mrswaves - what color is your siding? It's beautiful!

    nidnay - Thanks for sharing your awesome video! Our expanse of windows isn't quite as amazing, but still will be beautiful to us (and give us great views)

    Pinebaron - A video would be so cool!

  • R. C.

    Kathy - So glad things are moving for you!!

  • Adam Thomas

    Plumbers and electricians done. Gas lines done. Awaiting HVAC.

    One interesting update. We lost a massive oak tree in Hurricane Michael and I haven't had time to deal with it until last week. Turns out there was zero rot in the tree, it just fell over. I had it delivered to the mill this week and we'll get ~1500 of hard wood floor out of it. Can't get more locally sourced then that!

  • Claudia Castillo
    Adam Thomas, wow! That is very cool. My cousin was able to do that in South Carolina sadly I don’t have any trees here in Vegas to do something like that.
    They started spraying my pool and cabinet people came to fix some things, floors are almost done and showers almost done. The carpet I picked out has to be made and they won’t have it till February 26th so now I am looking at other carpet.
  • Buzz Solo

    nidnay, love the video, so. many. windows! You and pinebaron seem to have cornered the market on those! I feel like you've got more windows in one room than we'll have in our entire house!

    I do agree with you though, more PHOTOS!!!

    All I can do here is post floor plans that keep changing, (have to do something while waiting for spring) but I'm not sure I need the anxiety attack as they're picked apart! lol ;-)

  • nidnay

    Buzz.....we have 165 windows :) :) I wasn’t kidding when I told my architect I wanted a window house.

    omg....you take your life in your hands when you post floorplans here. Not for the faint of heart!

  • Migraine Craftsman

    Adam Thomas looking good, lol love the dog picture.

  • mrswaves
    Rebecca C- Thank you, it’s a color named Cypress. We definitely wanted a green house in the woods :)
  • Pinebaron


    NewEnglandgal, 270 degrees view and several other factors led us (me lol) to splurge on this land, 50 ASL. We love gazIng out in any weather and looking forward to spring and summer, sitting on the deck. With so much glass, it was extemely hard getting required energy credits for a home this size.

    Rebecca, I’ll work on a video although interior wall tile work is outstanding, once completed, will compliment exterior views.

  • Kathy

    Got out to our lot today...looks pretty much exactly how I thought it would. Not thrilling to look at, but I'm happy to see progress. This is looking at the back.

  • Buzz Solo

    nidnay - omg 165 windows? I can count mine in my head, give me a minute.... 13 and that includes the 2 in the garage. I'd like at least 2-3 more but at this time DH will not budge. I'm hoping I can at least get him to put in headers in case after we're done he says "damn, this is too dark!" I'd also like to get a 4th door to the outside, this one in the mechanical/freezer room to the backyard. But as we already have one door to the backyard in the living room I am sure he'll say no. He's a stubborn old coot.

    omg....you take your life in your hands when you post floorplans here. Not for the faint of heart!

    I know, lol. When I was brand new to this site back in June of last year I posted a very, very preliminary kitchen plan over in the kitchen forum which was promptly reamed by none other than Sophie. Most other kitchen posts I have made after that have essentially been ignored so I gave up.

    My whole house plan at around that time wasn't reamed quite as badly but I don't really remember having too many good things said about it either. At this point though I am pretty pleased with it, having learned a lot of good things here on Houzz. Heck, while my front door still doesn't really have its own vestibule that architect Mark B. suggested, it at least now it sort of has its own space and a coat closet!

    So I think I'll play it safe for now and not show it off. ;-)

  • Lori Wagerman_Walker

    If you're going to post it, do it in this thread, it's mostly safe :) lol

    There is sooo much to learn by reading the threads that break down the best of plans! Good luck Buzz!!

  • wysmama
    Well, I got up the nerve to check out the house. I am happy with the paint color. The light blue is primer and the darker blue is the color we chose. It definitely brings some color to our mostly neutral neighborhood. Not sure how the neighbors will feel about it, but I think once trim is done, it will be lovely.
    Also got a sneak peek of our tile floors. And the pool tiles are finished.

    Picked up the sample of the island color from the cabinet guy. Not what I wanted. Going to have to choose something else. So many decisions.
  • R. C.

    We have just encountered the frustration of finding out that the siding that we chose isn't what was ordered. Evidently the "supplier stopped carrying the other brands." This is understandable, but we found out by visiting our house site and seeing the boxes of a different brand of siding. We would not have known otherwise. I am getting tired of having such things changed without at least making us aware and ensuring that the changes made by the builder are still ok with us.

  • nidnay
    Rebecca C.....that is super frustrating. You now know that you are going to have to double check on everything. Many of us have had to babysit our entire projects....not fun but a necessary evil much of the time.
  • R. C.

    We go out every other day at least. This isn't the first instance of this. Ridiculous.

  • Cyndy

    Rebecca C that is frustrating! I have caught a few mistakes and been able to answer questions by living on site - but I know most people aren't able to do that. In this day/time of email, text and cell phones - there is no excuse not to contact homeowners with changes!

  • Sam Goh

    Lot of progress in the last week. Typical whirlwind days. My wife spent 5-6 hours on the road the last two days sourcing smart switches and lighting fixtures and bulbs. Missed delivery window so I helped the super unload our Bluestar Platinum range. Holy !#% that thing is heavy.

    It's beginning to look like Feb's our thread! :)

  • kennady12
    Everyone’s homes and progress look great . It’s been really cold here in Missouri ,so not much progress here . We did speak with the builder about the brow over the garage and he is going to lower the pitch 6 inches and add cedar corbels on each end . So that eases our minds . We have a high of 46 today so hoping some stuff gets done .
  • Claudia Castillo
    The tile guys started out strong and I was happy bought them energy drinks , Gatorade, sodas I filled up my fridge and said they are welcome to it. Now they are leaving their spaghetti in my bathroom food everywhere I had enough my husband told them that he is so disappointed in the way they are treating our house, he apologized but it has been going on for the last week and they grouted the drain we ended up scraping the grout out and cleaning it. They promised to be done on Sunday. I am putting up signs no smoking no food or drinks in the house.
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  • NewEnglandgal

    Im sorry you are dealing with that Claudia. People are really rude, especially after you offered them food and drinks. I have seen the landscape littered with food wrappers too. Really lazy and inconsiderate. They need to be respectful. I am glad you said something.

    Everyone's build looks fantastic!

    I am starting the February thread so move on over there!

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