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Pantry Paralysis

January 10, 2019
Our entire kitchen is being redone. The pantry area somehow got sidelined and now decisions need to be made. I am out of my league. Right now there are two adjoining areas, both 36” wide with a 3/4” wall between ( we have a single wall redwood house). The R side is 24” deep, the L 36”.
The original dream was making it all 3’ deep and having a bit of a walk in, behind doors. The wall between can come out with no problem, but it turns out we cannot extend the R side back to that depth. The openings (see picture) are on a wall that will face one end of a 10x5 island. At a right angle to the R opening is a door to the back of the house. To the L, our main living space.
The specific needs are a coffee bar in the space and a spot for the microwave (very little used). Whatever storage, etc the rest generates is bonus. We have plenty. Can you suggest a layout and door style? I’m at a loss. I’m no designer. We live in rural tropics, if that matters for inspiration.

I would so appreciate ideas. I thought I had someone working on this for me and that now isn’t happening. Miscommunication.

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  • mezzsop
    I should have added, the new cabinetry is white shaker style with black granite counters
  • shead

    Albeit expensive, what if you had tall pullout pantry cabinets made to fill into this space? They could be different depths to account for your wall variance but visually, no one would ever see the difference.

  • acarna

    Maybe knock out the wall between the two areas and have "wrap around" shelving built in. (More shallow on the right side for canned goods or smaller/more narrow items, and deeper on the left side for items that need more depth. Double doors that open out, perhaps?

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I would rip out that whole space and get some pullout pantries to fill the space and match your kitchen cabinets.

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  • ci_lantro

    The specific needs are a coffee bar in the space and a spot for the microwave (very little used). Whatever storage, etc the rest generates is bonus.

    Since you're not looking for a lot of storage for staples...

    I would tear it all out and open the area up all the way to the ceiling. Make it into an alcove with base cabinets across (a sink would be nice because one of the intended uses is for a coffee bar). Add wall cabinets with a niche for the microwave. I would use 15" deep wall cabinets so the microwave wouldn't project much past the cabinets and the added depth is nice for storing bulkier items like surplus paper towels and toilet paper as well as larger kitchen appliances. Either just shelving or pullouts on top, depending on budget and what you intend to store. The pullouts would be nice if you store a lot of canned goods but shelving would be better if used for small appliances and paper goods.

    Do you have a broom closet elsewhere & handy? If not, then you might want to incorporate one in this area. Perhaps a tall, narrow pullout on one end or the other that can also hold a compact folding step stool/ ladder, too, if needed.

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  • mezzsop

    What do you think of leaving the 3'd area open (alcove) and the second side enclosed with a bi-fold French door, to keep storage and micro out of sight. My lanai doors are French, although across the entire room and over. I do have enough of my Negresco granite left over to do a counter top on one side. ci-lantro, thank you. I appreciate the detail and I HAD forgotten about the broom closet, of all things.

  • PRO
    Furniture Re-born

    Rip out to ceiling. Base cabinets 15 or 24" deep with a bar sink; also small/wine fridge or and also put the microwave underneath on a shelf. Wall cabinets 12' deep with glass doors if putting just dishes and the such. Don't forget a back splash.

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