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Bathroom remodel

Billy Burt
January 11, 2019

I am updating a bathroom that 3-4 kids are using. It has one sink and a tub/shower. I want to know if it would be wise to get rid of the tub and replace it with a shower to gain space. Would potential buyers be ok with the only tub being in the master bathroom on a different floor?

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  • PRO
    London Staging and Design, LLC

    I would not remove the tub. Yes that will be a negative to some potential home buyers. Best wishes!

  • Susie .
    Best to ask a local realtor who is in tune with your market. I’ve done a similar remodel because that’s what worked for our family.
  • Sammy

    Like pretty much everything else, it depends. In my neighborhood, that would not be a problem and might actually be preferred. Having said that, though, I agree with Susie; ask your realtor or at least look at recent sales in your neighborhood.

  • H B

    Everyone is different (thank goodness). I'd want at least one tub in any home I purchase; that said, where it is located may not matter. For bathing little kids -- one does not leave them unattended anyways, so it may not matter if the tub is in the "kids bath" or the master. We used to have tubs in both bathrooms, and 95% of the time bathed the kids in the master tub. It was just easier.

    If you're considering going from a tub/shower footprint to just a shower (smaller) ... I'd think it would depend on the overall layout of the bath and home, if the smaller shower felt appropriate for the space. OTOH, if you're not planning to sell the house any time soon, maybe its most effective to do what works best for you and your family, and anyone after you can re-remodel any way they like...

    Because one thing I do know for sure....every remodel bit we've done, when finished, we've thought "how come we didn't do this sooner" and we enjoy the new space!

  • Sammy

    H B makes a great point worth repeating: “For bathing little kids -- one does not leave them unattended anyways, so it may not matter if the tub is in the "kids bath" or the master.”

    This is (or should be) certainly true. When my nieces and nephews were little and would come for a visit, they took their baths in the giant-to-them master bath’s whirlpool tub—jets full-blast!—despite the fact that each of our upstairs guest rooms has its own full bath with a shower/tub combo. (I’m not sure anyone’s ever taken a bath in either one of them!) And when it comes time to remodel, out they’ll go in favor of more adult-friendly walk-in showers.

  • ldecor54

    I’d remove it . Within reason you can’t let what someone else may or may not prefer when you sell dictate what you’d like to have or what will work best for you now.

  • Billy Burt
    Here are some photos. I would like to move the toilet closer to outside wall and replace tub/shower with shower. Add a double sink. Change color to something lighter. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts/ideas!
  • apple_pie_order

    What is the problem you are trying to solve? Crowded sink area in the morning?

  • kariyava

    I don't think you have enough room for a double sink. In terms of your vanity, it looks like what you need more of is storage and counter space. If I were you, I would enlarge the vanity up to the wall, with a single sink the middle, giving you lots more counter and drawer space on either side of the sink.

    Toilets are expensive to move -- I don't think swapping the toilet/shower location would improve the functionality of the room, so I would leave it as is. Replacing the tub/shower with a walk in shower would be nice, but I would consider frosted glass if you go the walk in shower route -- I think clear glass could get very dirty looking quick in a bathroom used by that many kids.

  • suzanne_m

    I agree with everyone who says your vanity is too small for 2 sinks.

    You have not mentioned that you are lacking storage but if you are, this idea could maybe work:

    The current space reserved for the toilet seems big. Maybe you could steal a bit of that space and have a wider wall between the toilet and shower and insert a narrow long pull-out to store toileteries. Pull-out can be any width/depth/height. If the shower plumbing is in the way, you can still have a shallow one:


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