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Kitchen reveal, before and after!

January 26, 2019
I’ve been waiting for some final details. There is still some to be done on the back wall and the mirror and surround, but close enough. I’m using the kitchen now and just got my painters out of the way to take some pictures. Tear out was October 1, 2018. Thanks for all the advice and inspiration along the way! Additional photos in comments.

Comments (71)

  • Janet
    @Anglophilia Thank you! You have also been one of my favorite inspirations!
  • biondanonima (Zone 7a Hudson Valley)

    Love the cabinets! I think you have convinced me to go green!

  • Jillius

    Boy that seems INFINITELY more functional. How lovely to have such a big prep space with all open space above it. That's the dream!

  • lizbeth-gardener

    Love your new kitchen! So many things to note. I really like the glass in the doors-just breaks up the wood and seeing the dishes adds more warmth/life to the room. The mirror is a nice touch. I especially like the clever table/kitchen hub you designed-assume it's custom? And the cabinet color is nice. It looks green to me, but monitor colors can be so deceiving. What is the color? Good job!

  • Tracy
    Wow, this is really unique with beautiful finishes and colours. Taking out the bank of cabinets above the wall opening really made a huge difference to that space. Wonderful job and I hope you are enjoying your new kitchen! Trying to get the nerve to post our reno now, lol...
  • lovemrmewey

    So restful to see Green! It's all beautiful.

  • traci_from_seattle

    I’m so happy to see the finished results. It’s gorgeous! It looks comfortable and inviting and with the new layout I’ll bet cooking is more enjoyable and efficient. Very well done.

  • Janet
    @lizbeth-gardener Thank you! It is green, it’s called Willow, but closely falls in the sage family. I like the description of the peninsula as a hub, it really is. It was custom, but is really just basic components and creativity. It is functional and comfortable beyond my expectations!
  • mxk3

    Great job!

  • stillpitpat

    It's beautiful! I really love the green!

  • AvatarWalt

    What a great transformation! You've done a great job in putting lots of work space in all the right places. The room looks so much bigger and you've brought form and function together beautifully. Any favorite parts?

  • Sammy

    Well that’s a thousand times better than the original, isn’t it? Very nicely done!

  • Janet
    @AvatarWalt So many favorites! I love the hybrid peninsula/table. I love seeing my pottery and everyday china. I love the five drawer base cabinet, those 8” deep drawers hold so many serving pieces! I love having all the drawers, easy access so I’ll use what I have. I love the color. I love my sink. I have a walk in pantry next to the kitchen that was done a couple of years ago, and without that, this would have been a very different kitchen. Gosh, picking A favorite would be like picking a favorite child! Every inch of this was my design, even though I worked with a designer.
  • damiarain

    Congrats on the awesome renovation! Really fantastic choices! Love a good before & after =)

  • salonva

    It looks beautiful. It looks so authentic like it's always been there (in a GOOD way). Just beautiful.

  • Hansen
    Love it.
    Janet thanked Hansen
  • kazmom

    Beautiful kitchen! I love the color and the functionality! The bigger opening with less cabinets on that wall really makes a big difference. Nicely done!

    Janet thanked kazmom
  • raphaellathespanishwaterdog

    Really beautiful! Love the green :)

    Janet thanked raphaellathespanishwaterdog
  • lizbeth-gardener

    Back with more questions! What is your countertop and do you like your ledge sink? Did you go from double bowl to single? If so, was it hard to adjust to single?

  • Janet

    lizbeth, all the sources are in a comment upstream. I had a double bowl before. This is not really a ledge sink, but I love it. I use it often if I’m mixing or measuring, I do it in the rack so spills can just be hosed down. I had wanted a double sink again until I saw this sink.

  • Janet

    @salonva, that might be one of the nicest things you could say about a new kitchen! Thank you!

  • PRO
    Door Corner

    Gorgeous upgrade! Good job!

  • bikertoni
    Love what you have done. One question, is that a microwave over cooktop. If yes does it vent and what brand is it?
  • Donna E

    Really pretty! I love the backsplash especially. A unique way to have a lower backsplash but the top trim piece makes it look more refined.

    I don't see the list of materials....is that Corian?

  • gm_tx

    Wow, love it! I have very similarly-colored cabinets, so of course I'm biased! :)

    I love the larger opening to the dining area, and how light and bright the whole space is; but, mainly I love that your kitchen is its own separate room. I'm so over the cavernous open floorplans that have you cooking right behind the sofa!

  • Janet
    @bikertoni Yes, it’s a low profile microwave by Whirlpool. It vents out or recirculates. They have more than one model,
  • Janet

    Donna, the list was posted Saturday, up in comments. Yes, it’s Corian, but a product that just came out in 2018.

  • PRO
  • schoolhouse_gw

    It's really nice. And I agree, that table is perfect, as is all your color choices.

  • Susan L

    Janet, I absolutely LOVE your kitchen ! so beautiful !

  • 2ManyDiversions

    I missed this when first posted! Love your kitchen! It's a remarkable improvement. The cabinetry color is amazing as well as the wall color - so inviting; love your wall-oven height; love your cabinet handles... The table/island is a fantastic addition - and love the wood top on it. Love, love love! So much to look at and enjoy... I'm sure you've already created some fantastic memories here!

  • Janet
    Thank you! It really is a pleasure to use now.
  • pamelamacleod
    What a great job. It’s beautiful. Congrats
  • PRO
    Emmett Electric, Inc.
    Gorgeous!! The Cabinets and the color are great!! One of the best kitchen remodels I've seen!
  • Annette Holbrook(z6b-7a)

    Love it. Another sucker for green.

    I want to use white corian in my laundry update as it seems “warmer” than white quartz. But someone on gw said the white corian would also be cold. Yours appears to have a less slick look than a quartz. What is your impression in person?

  • scottie mom

    Beautiful work. Congrats! Such a nice palette, and a refreshing departure from the all-too-common white on white. It’s warm and inviting and looks functional too!

    i love that you bought the clock as a gift. I was going to ask about it. I love a big kitchen clock. Enjoy!!

  • Janet
    Annette, I’m not sure what you mean by warm and cold with the Corian. It is warm to the touch, one of the things I like. I have had more than one worker in here think that it’s quartz. (Maybe because it’s what they are used to seeing). In my kitchen it doesn’t look cold because everything else is warm. It looks bright, crisp and clean.
  • Annette Holbrook(z6b-7a)

    Janet, thanks, yes I do mean warm to the touch. As well as warm to the eye. It just looks less like polished glass like in the finish, but still crisp. You nailed it! Warm and inviting AND bright and crisp!

  • Janet
    Annette, it comes in different sheen levels. This is like a soft matte. It gets a sheen after a while, and I just go over it with a red 3m scrub pad by hand to bring it back to a matte level I like.
  • PRO
    Emmett Electric, Inc.
    Janet- your idea about the Pewabic tiles is great!! Great way to blend old charm and character with your modern redo
  • Waynette Bailey
    Timeless! I love it!
  • PRO
    Pine Street Carpenters & The Kitchen Studio

    Congrats on your new kitchen - nice work!

  • PRO
    M&R Custom Millwork Inc

    Looks Fabulous!

  • PRO
    Lion Windows and Doors

    Wow! Looks great. Love the lighting.

  • stillpitpat

    I missed this when you posted before. It's beautiful! I love the green!

  • PRO
    Barstool Comforts

    Oh my, this is a beautiful transformation!

  • PRO
  • ahiastate

    Your kitchen is lovely. I have always loved green, I think it is such a pleasing, relaxing, yet homey color. I have been considering the possibility of choosing Corian counters for our remodel that is now in demo stage. We put Corian counters in our kitchen 27 years ago and I can honestly say they were practically bullet-proof. I would not be at all opposed to using Corian again, but here in Southern California (L.A. area) the only place I can find that fabricates Corian is Home Depot, and I worry that it could be "luck of the draw" on getting a skilled installer. It is very surprising to me how limited it is. At several stone yards they sounded surprised that even Home Depot still did Corian. What's the deal I wonder?

  • michoumonster

    your kitchen is gorgeous! the cabinet color makes it a really special space! I love the sink you chose too. I would love to hear your experiences in using it!

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