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Simple Laundry Area Update

Katrinka Yobotz
January 31, 2019
last modified: January 31, 2019

Before and After

Our left-over 1950's utility hookups became totally unacceptable when we got our new front-control appliances. Especially since you walk through the area from the kitchen to the family room. It was a good time to do some more updating.

We replaced the stained plastic drop-in sink and Formica, with granite, stainless steel and a new faucet to match the kitchen. We had new water valves installed behind the washer; for years I hid them with a fake plant! We had an extra GFCI electrical outlet added behind the washer, and the soup-can-size dryer outlet replaced with a modern one behind the dryer. We installed remote control under-cabinet lighting and peel-and-stick wallpaper. A vintage crock canister holds detergent, and a decorative ceramic box has dryer sheets. The "family" plaque is hiding ... nothing!

1950's painted 220 electrical - GONE! Upper right: the cabinets were off center with a gap in order to be into a stud on the other end.

Washer discharge is still into the sink for safety, but it is now barely noticeable under the countertop behind the washer. The wood panel on the upper left provides stud support to the cabinets, and a place for the fire extinguisher and a bottle opener with magnet beneath. The white trim along the wallpaper edge is a cafe curtain rod for the low-voltage lighting cord plugged in behind the washer. We couldn't part with our favorite pencil sharpener.

Cabinets moved to the wall, and centered better over the sink and appliances. Grass-cloth-look wallpaper also added to the back of the built-in shelving. There is no door for the hinge-pin pull-out hanging rod, so we installed a hinge!

Countertop is removable for plumbing access. It is 5/8" plywood covered with Menards HSC self-stick vinyl plank flooring on the top and two edges, following the manufacturer's recommended priming product. We heated strips cut from the vinyl a little with a hair dryer when bending them around the diagonal corner. We added a few tiny nails in the edge where needed at the corner and a seam.

Countertop on two Harbor Freight shop floor mats right on the washer and dryer for cushion and to keep it in place. No brackets, cleats or wall supports were needed.

Vertical blinds hide the furnace, water heater, shelving, ironing board and other storage. My favorite parts of the update are the hidden hookups and the new countertop.

Comments (18)

  • morz8

    I think my favorite part is your under cabinet lighting but it all looks very nice. A much nicer pass through to your family room now. Bravo!

    Katrinka Yobotz thanked morz8
  • ci_lantro

    Very nice. Love the out of box thinking!

    Katrinka Yobotz thanked ci_lantro
  • Pam

    The countertop on top of the machines is a neat idea and gives you a folding area.

    Katrinka Yobotz thanked Pam
  • bpath Oh Sophie

    My favorite part is the removable countertop, resting on the shop mats. Ingenious. Also the recessed shelving and hinge for the towel holder. You are very clever!

    Katrinka Yobotz thanked bpath Oh Sophie
  • always1stepbehind

    Looks great. My only concern is possibly the rubber mats may funk up the top finish of you machines in time with the heat from the machines...??

    Katrinka Yobotz thanked always1stepbehind
  • Katrinka Yobotz

    Good point to watch for. We have had them in place for over three months and so far there is no sticking to the dryer top or change in finishes.

  • mxk3

    Looks nice! I like the pop of blue.

    Katrinka Yobotz thanked mxk3
  • tuckerdc

    OK. Hate to admit it, but I spent waaaay too much time trying to figure out what that weird, tall spinach can was!! Nice spot for China display. Belleek?

    Katrinka Yobotz thanked tuckerdc
  • Katrinka Yobotz

    LOL, you can see the painted 1950's bakelite dryer outlet on the wall in the first photo. I called it the half-soup-can outlet. The Irish display is Royal Tara.

  • pennydesign

    You did a great job! I redid my laundry room last year and I just love it. DH couldn't understand why I wanted it to look nice, but it was so much fun to do as they're generally small spaces.

    The curtain rod/wire cover is genius!!

    Katrinka Yobotz thanked pennydesign
  • enduring

    Great job. I like the curtain rod/wire cover too! The padding for the plywood top is great. And I too spent too much time looking at the spinach can.

    Katrinka Yobotz thanked enduring
  • Katrinka Yobotz

    If I could, I would change the title of that photo to:

    Ugly electrical outlet was the size of a can of spinach!

  • blamoreaux

    The hinged hanging rack is very cool. Where did you get it?

    Katrinka Yobotz thanked blamoreaux
  • Katrinka Yobotz

    I believe it is called Hinge N Hang, and I think I got it a few years ago at 3B (Bed Bath & Beyond). There are other brands that are similar.

  • PRO
    Door Corner

    Great job! Love the countertop and under cabinet lighting!

    Katrinka Yobotz thanked Door Corner
  • Cheryl Hannebauer

    looks great!

    Katrinka Yobotz thanked Cheryl Hannebauer
  • armjim

    I think it looks great. Like others have mentioned, I was mesmerized by the spinach can. That, and your pencil sharpener. Enjoy it.

    Katrinka Yobotz thanked armjim
  • jtc

    Love the ingenious small space ideas. Nicely done!

    Katrinka Yobotz thanked jtc

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