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Laundry soap not the same

Nancy Pettit
February 6, 2019

Seams to me that laundry soaps work much better in the past. I feel like I have to add so many additives and then you still have problems. Please help!!!

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  • dadoes

    Detergent formulations vary considerably between cheap and premium brands. Premium brands have multiple enzymes and cleaning agents already in the mix so no need to add them via separate additional products.

  • jwvideo

    Are you asking about soap or detergent?

  • Jim Mat

    Laundry detergents have been reformulated to reduce the negative impact on the environment. In my experience, machine, water, and type of clothing all impact performance.

    If you are looking for recommendations, please provide a water report, brand and model of machine, types of clothing washed, the soaps and additives you are using, or if you are using detergent, what detergents are you using, and the problems you are having.

  • jtc

    More info would be helpful. Type of washer, detergent, temp, textiles and specific issues.

  • luna123456

    What the OP remebers is when phosphates were added to the detergents. They were very effective. The problem with them is that they fed the growth of algae in many areas. The extra algae consume free oxygen in standing water (lakes, ponds, slow moving streams, etc). Anything else living in the water that depends on free oxygen to live, like fish, get killed.

    This is why phosphates were banned from laundry soap, residential fertilizers, etc. Too much of the stuff was getting in the environment and causing algae blooms.

    Some forms of algae also also create toxins that affect humans. Being near them or swimming in water near them can make a person very sick.

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  • dadoes

    The detergent-phosphate concern is overblown. Phosphates are in/added to many other products ... toothpaste and cosmetics and foods (even packaged meats). There's a food-grade version of STPP (sodium tripolyphosphate) which is what was in laundry detergent back in the day (STPP, not food-grade). The human body requires phosphates for various biochemical processes to work. A significant source of it in water run-off is from cattle poop on farms. The reason detergents were targeted for removal is it's easy to target and legislate them and not so much the other sources.

  • mamapinky0

    It's been a few years since I last researched phosphates and algae blooms, but if I remember correctly when phosphates were removed from detergents it only solved 10% of the algae problems in water ways...good ole government is responsible for the other 90%...course I may remember wrongly...but don't think so...anyway ...

    Laundry detergent has come a long way since phosphates were removed...something like 3 other ingredients took the phosphate's place...3 to do the job that once upon a time took 1... I do wonder how these other three ingredients affect our world. I suppose one day we will all find out, although most likely our children and grandchildren will be the ones to find out.

  • hisown

    Many of us buy STPP off the internet and add it in with our detergents to get better results. It does help.

  • mamapinky0

    Yes and I do like the results I get from STPP.

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