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primitive laundry room

February 7, 2019
Too much? Not enough? Not liking it yet

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  • tartanmeup

    A bit dark for me. Where do you store your detergent, etc.? I like the machine surfaces bare so I can fold clothes on them. (In reality, they become dumping grounds for things to mend, give away or store. In any case, I've no space for decorative items there.)

  • HU-468957461
    I really love the paint color- just did away with primitive and thought I could use it in here? I do slide the things back when folding laundry but it doesn’t necessarily have to stay there
  • HU-468957461
    I have my detergents stored on a cart beside the washing machine
  • tartanmeup

    Ah, I hadn't spotted that cart. Nice to have it accessible yet out of the way like that.

    I'm glad you like your paint colour. It's your space! Doesn't matter a hoot if I find it too dark. :D It's a cohesive space and seems functional. Why aren't you liking it yet?

  • HU-468957461
    I’m just not liking the way things are decorated and placed, I’m picky and constantly changing lol
  • tartanmeup

    Nothing wrong with that. It's how we figure out our taste. Besides, gives you something to do while waiting for the wash cycle to finish. ;-)

  • lizbeth-gardener

    Also darker than I would like, but if you like it, that's all that matters.

    I would like to know what washer/dryer model you have and if you like them? I have to make a decision about that soon.

  • ci_lantro

    Too many small things. Need some larger items & fewer of them.

  • Larisa Batchelor

    I have the same washer and dryer and love them. Love what you’ve done with the laundry room. I have a pass through laundry room if you will so nothing like yours. It’s beautiful.

  • PRO

    Primitive? Ha! You should see my washer and dryer down the basement in my 71 year old house, with the old concrete washtubs. Now THAT is primitive!

  • mamapinky0

    You've made yourself a happy laundry space. I also have a Maytag front load washer, different from yours but still....

    One thing that would drive me nuts..stuff on top of the W&D. LOL... I do have stuff on mine but I'm careful to have cloth under it so it won't scratch...I'm a bit anal about scratching my babies. LOL.


  • Larisa Batchelor

    On my washer and dryer have tons of laundry products on them lol I bought some pretty shelf lining stuff from Walmart ( it has a protective bottom so it wont damage anything. It’s the pioneer women series) and put it on top of the washer and dryer. Totally changed the look of them. Also protects the top. Well worth the 6.00 I spent :)

  • mamapinky0

    Larisa, I have a few rolls from the dollar tree, some blue and green geometric design. I'll test them out. Thanks.

    My machines are also loaded with detergents ect, but I have a flour sack towel under them. LOL.

    There just isn't enough storage space for all the detergents we all have. Haha.

  • mamapinky0

    Larisa, I used to have a long open shelf behind the machines. I had quart size canning jars with the lids covered in fabric and a pretty ribbon tied around them. There were at least 50 jars with different detergents in each. LOL. Lost my shelf when I got a front loader. I have room I could put another up, but I wont. Lol.

  • enduring

    I love the paint color. I'd get some paint and do the doors too, it would clean the look up. Where do you hang things to dry? Do you iron in this space? Do you have an ironing board that you need to store? Those are things I think of in a laundry room. Also baskets for transferring loads and a sink for soaking, watering plants, etc.

  • Anne Duke
    The thing I’d change is the window covering. Either white blinds or crisp white curtains. It will brighten up the space.

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