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Washer Pedestal Door Opens During Spin Cycle

February 10, 2019

The washer is on concrete slab and just started having this problem after it was moved and replaced after the laundry room was painted. It appears level because when I try to shake it, it doesn't rock.

It's an LG washer mounted on top of a drawer pedestal.

During the fastest part of the spin cycle, everything is fine, but at the end of the spin cycle, as it's slowing down near stopping, it starts shaking enough that the drawer door starts drifting open.

Sometimes the drawer opens far enough to block the door to the laundry room.

What could be the cause of this problem if the washer is level and the load isn't unbalanced?

I might be able to work around the problem by putting weights in the drawer or velcroing the door shut, but I'd like to reduce the vibration if possible.

I tried using anti-vibration pads and that made the washer more top heavy and shake even more.

Comments (8)

  • dadoes

    The machine may be stable (solid from corner-to-corner) but it may not be bubble-level. Seems as if it's leaning forward enough for the pedestal drawer to slide open sympathetic to the vibrations.

  • georgect

    Sounds like the locking mechanism on the pedestal door is not holding and the slowing down of the spin (where it shakes) is causing it to pop open.

  • Lawrence Sprowls

    "It appears level because when I try to shake it, it doesn't rock."

    That doesn't tell you whether the washer is level. If you don't own one, go to Home Depot or a hardware store and buy yourself a level. Check that the washer is level front-to-back and side-to-side. Adjust the washer's feet to level the appliance.

  • jaxo

    There is no locking mechanism on the drawer. It’s just pushed shut and it glides on rollers, so it doesn’t take much vibration for it to start rolling open on its own.

  • jaxo

    The washer is level and I'm still finding the drawer open like this after a load of laundry completes.

  • Lawrence Sprowls

    How about buying a touch latch and attaching the latch and plate to the inside top and inside front of the box, respectively with shallow sheet metal screws?

  • dadoes

    Do you have anything stored in the drawer?

    Try adjusting the washer to be slightly "un"level, leaning slightly back, if you're willing to do that.

    Or, maybe a simple solution is place a strip of tape on the drawer to hold it shut.

  • jwvideo

    Maybe try some velcro with one piece stuck to the top back (inside) of the drawer's face piece and the matching piece on the corresponding point of the front lip of the drawer box?

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