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Need help with kitchen

February 11, 2019

I plan on redoing my kitchen soon, I had to use an app to help me with the measurements of my kitchen. My fridge doesn’t have a defined place, I’d really like it to look built in. Also I need to seat 5 which I know is probably going to be hard in this small of a kitchen. I attached a photo of it now I’m open to any design ideas. I need help deciding where my fridge should go it is against the 3ft 8in wall, where I should put a table and what kind of table I should have. The cabinets have to be painted and the countertops are going to be replaced

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  • PRO
    Sina Sadeddin Architectural Design

    We need some more info, like where do those doorways lead to and what's your budget?

    Nicole thanked Sina Sadeddin Architectural Design
  • smileythecat

    My first thought is what a great before picture, second thought is how are you going to be able to seat five, you need some help [ie kitchen designer ] The stove is in a terrible place I think as well

    Nicole thanked smileythecat
  • Nicole

    The door on the bottom leads to my living room and the other leads to mud room/laundry

  • decoenthusiaste

    What is the French door/window at the top? If you can eliminate that, and move the gas lines, the stove could go there. I would put an "L" shaped bench in the bottom right corner with a pedestal table and some chairs to seat 5 of you. Put the fridge left of the sink for easy offloading of foods to be prepped. Put a pantry where the stove is now.

  • Nicole

    And for the budget I want to stay as low as possible we are trying to do this ourselfs

  • sarahachevalier

    I like decoenthusiaste's suggestions, but if you are not able to move the french doors at the top, you could consider:

    • Fridge on small wall right of the french doors
    • On the long wall, from the french doors: DW, sink, counter (for prep), range, counter, pantry
    • Table/banquette in the lower right corner
  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    If you are not getting new cabinets then the layout has to really stay the same honestly I would not waste one penny on this space until you can afford new cabinets, I have no clue where 5 people will eat IMO there is not enough space in that right corner it is only 4.75’ how would you get a table and even a bench in that space without bumping into the range.You could do the least expensive Ikea cabinets and have at least a 1/2 decent layout and the idea of closing those french doors is a good .Is this truly the only place you have to eat. Maybe give us a bit more info and also a budget IMO this would be a really good example of lipstick on a pig.

  • artistsharonva

    With all due respect, it's time to retire that kitchen when you can. Do not waste $ on new countertop on that,because the layout & the cabinets are old. It will add value to the home to update the kitchen.

  • Isaac

    It is tight but sarahachevalier's idea might work with benches in an L, and maybe a drop leaf table (pop the leaf up when eating, down otherwise) and a couple of folding chairs pulled into place at mealtime. Short of a total renovation I think that is your best bet.

  • artistsharonva

    Go ahead & paint the fan & cabinets to spruce it up in the meanwhile,but don't waste hard earn $ on the countertop. Also,possibly remove the wood valance above sink.

    The best time to get new counters is when a layout works. RTA assemble cabinets cost approximately $4,700 -$5000 for a 10x10. check out IkEA at least.

    Every home deserves a nice fuctional kitchen ;)

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    i have to agree w/above. do not waste a dime for counters, tile or flooring. you can paint the cabs (please paint them. what in the world happened to the lower ones? looks like someone dipped them in gel stain. This is why wood must be stripped before staining) paint the walls,,,that's fine. I'd save every nickel until you can do this properly. In the interim:

    you can paint those vinyl floors.

    post a picture that shows the entire room. have no idea what's behind you in that angle.

    The stove is in a horrible spot, can't see the fridge. As for 'dine-in eating', why? isn't there a table elsewhere? lets see that wall. can you do a built in bench seating?

    since you need more storage, do some built on boxes up top. paint and cover w/the same slab type doors or glass doors.

  • Nicole

    The bottom cabinets were lie that when we moved in, i hate it lol. also its a window that swings open its really old and i plan on replacing it with a normal slide up window. There isnt any where else to put a dining table so the kitchen is the only option. And it looks like the countertop was painted before but its chipping off. Where is a good place to buy cabinets, I will probably just break down and make the investment.

  • artistsharonva

    That's a wise decision to buy new cabinets in this situation.

    Are there any local cabinet stores near you? Usually you can give them floorplan measures to get a 3D layout with estimate. I would get 2-3 estimates for just cabinets that come assembled.

    Once get layout can get quotes for counters.

    Is it a gas or electric stove. Please get that off the wall to have room on left for taking things out of oven.

    Excited for u. ;)

  • PRO
    Carrell Design And Staging

    Your Kitchen really needs a new layout. With such a tight budget, I suggest saving your money for a complete gut. In the meantime, replace your cabinet doors and fronts only. Paint as you wrote or talk to a company that does this kind of work.

    Put the fridge in that corner next to the patio doors and lay a new vinyl floor over the old one. Like the floor, cover them. Use a vinyl adhesive film that looks like marble or granite.

    Do a peel 'n' stick "tile" backsplash.

    Finally, buy a long drop leaf table or butterfly table that will do double duty as an island and a dining surface. you can leave it in the corner between the two entry ways and pull it out when you have dinner.

    This isn't what you want, but it'll give you a much better look until you have enough to do the job right.

  • MarleneM
    I think if you can find cabinets to fit your budget, that might be your best option. If that’s a window on that end wall,
    (I think we all thought they were French doors) can the cabinets and counter extend to make an L-shape work area? If not,
    below is a photo of a one wall kitchen layout, disregard the island, that shows a good work flow because you go from fridge to sink to prepare, and then to stove. Agree that stove needs to be moved away from the wall a bit.
    Central island · More Info

    As far as seating, when my kids were little we had a nook similar to this as we were short on room also. I loved it! We used an oval table with it to make the corner person more comfortable. Another bonus was there was storage under the benches that was used to store colouring books, puzzles and games that kept the kids entertained while I was cooking.
  • wiscokid
    IKEA. Use their kitchen design tool and their cabinets, most bang for the buck on a small budget.
  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Replacing the doors will cost as much as Ikea kitchen so forget that plan You will be surprised and how much help Ikea will give you and also surprised at what can be done. Moving that window up so that cabinets can go beneath it will totally chnge how that space functions.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    I'll also throw out the Craigslist option. I don't know where you live, but if you're near a big city, people constantly list their old kitchen cabs for sale. cheap. those oak cabinets are the ones that usually show up, but often there are 2-3 old newer cabs on there. people remodel and practically give them away. I've seen many medium sized kitchens with nice cabs, granite, and appliances go for as little as 1k for all. you could always paint the oak cabinets and situate them so they work in your spot. just another budget option.

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