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What can I do with this kitchen wall?

Corinne Masterson
February 17, 2019

I already will have a large painting on the other side of this doorway. However it’d be nice to have some other type of surface to place some decorative things and maybe lean some pictures.

Also it’d be nice to have a place to put plants where my cats cannot reach them.

I wanted to maybe do a floating shelf, but with the refrigerator door being in the way, it’d have to be a pretty high shelf.

Any ideas?

And while i have this thread open- what is the consensus on kitchen area rugs?

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  • Zalco/bring back Sophie!

    Maybe a metal grid to hang things on. You can hang potted plants, pans, utensils. A kitchen rug can work. There are some great synthetic rugs that are washable, or you could do cotton rag rugs, or flat weaves, that are easy to clean.

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  • pink_peony

    There isn’t enough space there to do shelves. One high shelf will look out of place and not relate to anything. You mentioned already having art on the other side of the doorway. What else is on that side Other than the art? You may be better off flipping the art to the fridge side and doing a series (3) of floating shelves down that other side. However we really can’t say without having a photo of the whole kitchen. Rugs in the kitchen are really a personal choice. If you like them i would recommend doing something that can be easily cleaned. Often times an indoor outdoor rug works well in a kitchen because they are made of polypropylene and Can literally be taken outside and hoses down.

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  • PRO

    Because of the position of the fridge, all you can hope to do that will look nice is something that is fairly flat to the wall. Consider decorative plates mounted on the wall.

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  • Kathi Steele

    Make a message center.

    Move all of your refrigerator stuff and random papers to all in one spot.

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  • Kathi Steele

    I have area rugs for that "pop" of color and because we have an 80 pound German Shepherd that runs the circle downstairs. it keeps her from sliding all over!!!

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  • Geneviève

    You need something flat that wont interfere with the door of the fridge when you open it , a shelf would be too high and a pain to dust, get a large print or a bulletin board..

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  • Geneviève

    "Rainy Paris Streets III" Hand Painted Oil Canvas Artwork; Modern Art; Fine Art · More Info

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  • tartanmeup

    If you don't "need" anything there (e.g. command centre bulletin board), you can leave it blank. Not every wall needs something on it. That's how we end up with visually cluttered homes. For a rug, look into a Ruggable. They're washable and come in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

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  • Corinne Masterson

    Kathy i love your “puppy runway” lol. Do you think it’s “ok” if I mix a pop of color with my beige/tan kitchen? It looks so nice with your white/marble tiles & countertop. That’s what I would do if i was able to redo.

  • Joy Peace
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  • Kathi Steele

    Of course mix color!! It is just a rug. If you don't like it, then change it out!! Easy peasy. That is the beauty of having a neutral kitchen. You can add/subtract any color/design you like!!

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  • Corinne Masterson

    Lol. Easy peasy <3

    Looking for one now

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