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ideas for more curb appeal?

March 3, 2019
Ideas for more curb appeal? Thank you

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  • Nicole R Dsp
    Cute house! I’d up the ante with your landscaping by breaking up the grass with either a cool stone walkway, or some larger bushes. I think you need more contrast in plant height. Could always bring in some soil so it’s not so flat. I think “hilly” front yards are much more attractive than flat.
  • rinq

    Create more differences in height. Move shrubs together, create some larger open areas instead of stand-alone bushes, different rock sizes. Group grasses to pull the attention towards the front door.

    In the example below I changed some colors too. Red to match the roof and a warm gray to soften the garage door (less impact). I also added a small valley roof above the front door, to break the heavy roofline, because currently the attention goes straight to the garage. Maybe remove the shutters (although it is a nice surface to add some color).

  • PRO
    Norwood Architects

    I agree with the other posters. Landscaping is probably your best way to improve curb appeal. It is already a very nice looking house and yard btw. Agree with rinqeation - a gable above the door would help break up the long linear character of the house. If budget allows adding a small entry porch with a gabled roof would certainly help. Would you consider adding some exterior sconces at the entry? Already like you color scheme - so would advise you to change it. Good luck!

  • houssaon

    I agree with Norwood Architects on the gable and not to change the color scheme, although the garage door could go a gray color to blend in more. Landscaping seems to be the best way to improve this already good looking house.

  • PRO
    Creative Visual Concepts, Kevin Strader

    Budget? Things you don't like? Do you want more contrast between materials? If you could give us more information the comments would be more directed to what you want.

    I would remove the shutters from the windows to the right of the front door. If you want to paint I would darken the brick color to anchor the house more.

    If you're interested in seeing some virtual makeovers of your house check out my web site, Creative Visual Concepts.

  • K Laurence

    Other than a few landscaping tweaks I think it looks great as is .... I like the long, linear look on your house. I wouldn’t mess with the roofline.

  • snobunyz24
    Thank you everyone! Budget this time is smaller- however we were talking about a larger scale project in the future- adding the gabled roof and a porch and extended seating area/conversation area.

    Thoughts about adding dormers on top?

    Would anyone be able to add in a porch and convo area? Maybe outdoor fireplace?

    Shorter term i was debating adding two more sets of shutters at the other end- i see some people suggest removing? And was also wondering about the paint colors w the bottom brick and upper—. I do love the grey and blue color scheme- i was wondering if they should be variance in their shade it doesn’t quite seem complete.

    Landscaping was recently added by prior owners so its tiny thus far— def want to add more!!
  • chloebud

    rinqreation's gable over the door is nice, along with painting the garage to blend in more. I would remove the shutters due to the window sizes and house style.

  • snobunyz24
    I will also have to check to see where a front porch light is—. Good call. Thanks!
  • acm

    No dormers -- you don't really have the elevation to make sense of them.

    Yes, darken the garage door color to make it less prominent.

    Yes, remove the shutters -- none of them are large enough to close over the windows, so they're like fake features. Bring more color by putting a couple of bright planters on either side of the entry, which will help draw attention where you want it.

    I'd also consider a larger plaque for your house numbers -- you don't want an ambulance driving right by in an emergency, and they're nearly invisible, even in the close-up. You might have more freedom if you put them on the larger plane on the right side of the door instead. (Could have a porch light over them too.)

  • snobunyz24
    Thank you everyone! And thoughts on painting the lower brick darker?
  • decoenthusiaste

    So much better without shutters, IMO. I would focus on extensive landscaping, not painting. I'm afraid I'd have to remove those two palms in the back that give your entry "horns."

  • snobunyz24
    Hahaa deco enthusiast! That is on our agenda!! Now the “horns” are all i can see
  • snobunyz24
    I was thinking of sago palms maybe?
  • snobunyz24
    Oops. I didn’t mean sago palm
  • ocotillaks

    I would reduce the amount of grass. In place of the grass, some stock tank planters and a front patio. Planters could have herbs, flowers ect. Think on terms of a bee/butterfly garden.

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