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What's blooming in your garden?

I'll start with some of mine

And some of the blooming orchids inthe GH

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  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    Carol, toss a cup full of Epsom salts around it. That usually greens them right up.

  • Glenn Jones(9b)

    Easter cactus is going off

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    Glenn I love your Easter Cactus! It is so large and healthy looking!

    dangermouse, how awesome to have a coffee plant doing so well. Do you know what variety it is? Do you harvest many beans from it?

    I have planted Cacao seeds many times and they do great but then they never make it past winter since the hate the dryness when I heat the greenhouse. The first thing I'm gonna do when we move further south is plant more and also coffee plants lol.

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    Sultry, I love that brug! Some of my seedlings of my pink Sauveolens x unknown are turning out with notched edges, so I'm interested to see what I'll get from those. I have no idea what pollinated that plant, but it must not be around anymore, because I got no seeds last year. I have 5 seedlings planted and doing well, plus the Charles Grimaldi, which should all bloom this year. I know I have the right kind of moths around, so HOPEFULLY, I'll get some seeds on one of them.

    Dangermouse - ooh! Coffee! Have you ever gotten beans?

    Glenn, how gorgeous! My cutting is doing very well, putting out new leaves. One leaf broke off of it and it's rooted and doing well too.

  • Glenn Jones(9b)

    DG good to hear.

    My first rain lillies of the year.

  • dangermouse01 (coastal central FL 9B)

    3 of my coffee are just Coffea arabica, 4th is Coffea arabica nana "Yellow Cherry Coffee".

    Have gotten cherries from the 3 plain ones, nothing yet from the Yellow Cherry.

    Have yet to try the drying/roasting/grinding process.

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    I have hundreds of rainlily seedlings to plant out. Grew them from last year's seeds, and got some different colors from a trade. They're so pretty in mass plantings.

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    Just a few blooms from my garden.

    Cranberry hibiscus and H. radiatus have started to bloom again. Highly unusual, as they are fall bloomers.

    I managed to move the cats to other plants so these could bloom, but there are mamas laying eggs daily. I need a milkweed plantation!

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    A few more...hit submit too soon.

    Who doesn't love Johnny Jump-ups? The little rose in the background is a "Louis Phillippe." I have been trying to replace mine for years but could never get any cuttings to root. I pulled some old, dried up cuttings from the trash pile at the community garden, and stuck 10. This is the only one that took. The sansevieria is called "Devil's Horn," but I haven't been able to peg it down to one botanical name. It get very large.

    The 8-inch elderberry cutting I rooted last year is now almost 6 feet tall and has its first bloom. It would have more, but i keep pinching it to make it branch more.

    The red and yellow Thai crown of thorns are both blooming. The yellow had just finished one flush and is putting out another.

    The coral bean is blooming, and my hummingbirds are loving it! I'm planting a lot more of these from seed for my little fellas.

    I just love petunias, don't you? On the trellis behind is my Clerodendrum "Bleeding Heart" just planted out and growing like a weed. Can't wait for it to bloom!

    Begonia and if you look closely at the bottom, you'll see blooms from two "surprise" seedlings of Datura "Lilac le Fleur" or "Le Fleur Lilac," I've seen it both ways. It's a tiny, tiny datura with pale lavender flowers that is very hard to keep alive. I'm just going to leave this one alone and see what it does.

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    Just one more -- the African Iris I grew from seed "rescued" from the Kohl's parking lot almost 4 years ago have finally bloomed. Sorry you can't see the purple on the, but my camera broke and I have to use my tablet to take pictures.

    bea (zone 9a -Jax area) thanked dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida
  • Florida_Joe's_Z10a

    It's been very warm with so very little precipitation here (typical spring ) so I've been having to hand water basically daily to prevent from having the more shallow rooted plants from being set back.

    Mexican flame vine + a wild morning glory

    Bolivian tree sunflower ( it's too sunny to capture the blooms up high so I could only get a picture of a broken branch hanging low)

    Brugmansia, blooms wilt in the day,open at night

    Chrysanthemum flowered marigold

    "annual" Salvia splendens (three years old) I noticed they're producing suckers this spring.

    Yellow 'walking iris'. I've got these everywhere now. I break off the "babies" and stick them in the ground somewhere part shaded or in dappled sun.

    dwarf allamanda

    Shrimp plant

  • Florida_Joe's_Z10a

    Oh I almost forgot this pot of what I thought was just dahlberg daisy. I got it a month ago from Lowe's. It was reduced from $15.00 to $5.00. It had no blooms. I deadheaded it and spread the seeds around in other pots in the yard and they're coming up now as well.

  • Ben(8b/9a north FL)

    very nice contributions by all, here is a couple of mine... the amaryllis and daylily patch and then the two sides of my driveway entrance where 3 little plants grew out of control on each side and each year I have to whack them back to reduce to a fence load of confederate jasmine blooming, the fragrance is astounding and I can only take a few seconds of it.

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    Wow! Such beautiful pics from everyone.

    Florida Joe's - that resurrected mixed basket is AMAZING! From looking at your yellow walking iris, I'm pretty sure that's what my "mystery" plant is. I hope so. I love that one.

    Bea - I thought about you yesterday. I found a tiny patch of baby Blue-eyed grass growing right where they spray roundup every year by my a/c unit, so I dug it up and put it into native soil. There are so many clumps of this around here now, but I've yet to try to dig one. I'm waiting for them to stop blooming, although they mowed a few clumps, so maybe now would be a good time to rescue them.

    Ben - the complex next door has confederate jasmine all over two of her fences. One is shared with us, so I'm thinking of trying to get some cuttings. That amaryllis and daylily bed is gorgeous!

  • bea (zone 9a -Jax area)

    Beautiful plants everyone! Makes me want to try many of them.

    DG - I had to smile at my blue-eyed grass. That original patch I rescued has spawned 2 more small ones outside the bed from seeds. After they are done blooming I'll trasplant them next to the originsl one. I love big mass plantings. BTW the purple double datura is starting to seed. I haven't forgotten you want seeds. I'm givibg up on the white ones. Once again out of all my seeds only two are growing. I don't know why. I grew big beautiful plantings of this plant for many many years. The last 3 almost nothing.

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    Bea - I've about given up on daturas, but maybe some really fresh seeds would do better than what I've had. I miss my white ones too. They were literally weeds at my old house, but here, they just won't grow at all.

  • bea (zone 9a -Jax area)

    Same here. In KY I couldn't kill them if I tried…I mean the white ones. BTW this year's batch is from fresh seeds. No fifference. About 75% of the seeds I planted didn't germinate and of the rest, they put out their second set of leaves and then died. I have 3 plants left and they're struggling. This will be the last year.

  • Glenn Jones(9b)

    a few more Blooms

  • irma_stpete_9b

    Bravo, everyone!

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    I love that crinum lily, Glenn, and the lantana. I have pink lantana, but I want the red and a multi-colored one I believe is called "tutti frutti?" Bees and butterflies love them so much.

    My Green Goddess Amaryllis finally bloomed.

    The giant white native (to the Southerwestern US) four-o'clock is blooming. This will get over six feet tall. My hummingbird loves it.

    The red Thai COT is putting on quite a show

    Sorry if I posted this before. Desert Rose blooming. Once it stops, I'll whack it back.

  • SweetMonkeyCheese Z9 Tampa

    Not nearly enough, but I have a few!

  • SweetMonkeyCheese Z9 Tampa

    I hit the button too soon!

  • bea (zone 9a -Jax area) thanked SweetMonkeyCheese Z9 Tampa
  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    SMC, those are gorgeous! I love your coleus. I have a few new things blooming

    First bloom from my newly rooted Louis Phillippe. Found some dried up cuttings on the trash pile at the community garden, stuck 10, this is the only one that took.

    Some new coleus

    I think this is a tall penta. I hope so.

    My milk and wine crinum.

    The red hibiscus finally bloomed.

    The desert rose has gone mad blooming this year. To the left, remarkably, my Johnny Jump Ups are still going strong.

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    Alice Tricker a fragrant Day blooming water lily

    Panama Pacific just opening today

    Inspiration Passiflora

    Maybe Miami Rose water lily will be open tomorrow

    I have 6 Hardy Hibiscus that are returning from the root. My Roselle is dead I think, so time to plant new seeds :/

    bea (zone 9a -Jax area) thanked sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)
  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    Miss September a hybrid by Alice Harris..its an orangy coral depending on the weather, it can be more pink or more orange. Usually has 3 skirts.

    David Austin's William Shakespeare 2000

    Olivia Rose Austin

    Quick Silver Climber

    Lavender Crush climber -a true deep purple rose

  • shuffles_gw

    This is a good time of the year for blooms. I didn't even take photos of the bromeliad blooms.

    This penta is always in bloom

    This salvia also.

    Zahara zinnia

    Red Clover

    Red Clover

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    Shuffles I love your Lobster Claw heliconia. I am soo looking forward to growing heliconias once we move!

    Theresa, do you know the name of your pretty roses?

  • shuffles_gw

    sultry, when the time comes you can come dig some of mine. I also have a couple varieties that don't get so big.

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    Everyone's flowers are so pretty and your gardens are so neat and tidy. Mine are more like wildflower gardens!

  • starfruitsage

    Everyone’s blooms are so beautiful! My yard is really alive this year as well!

    My Cannas are popping!

    Dwarf poinciana

    I also love calladiums, I forget where I put them and it’s always a nice surprise when the come up

    My sedum also bloomed!

    This stuff went mad this year

    This coleus is also so lush, I know it’s not officially a bloom, but it’s as pretty as any flower!

    I also grew zinnias, kale and broccoli from seed this year! My pollinators are very happy, this a mini bouquet I put together for my mom and sister

    thats a couple of my bloomers!

  • Glenn Jones(9b)

    There putting on a good show this year

    For the kids

    A rain lilly that doesn't match my others

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    starfruitsage - those are all lovely! I love the swiss cheese vine growing under your caladiums. I used to have a huge one, but coudn't bring it with me when I moved. I miss it sometimes.

    Glenn, my grandmother always used to let me plant sunflowers, and I always loved watching them turn towards the sun. Your crinums are gorgeous! Mine are doing very well this year too.

  • starfruitsage

    Dirty, thank you! My Swiss cheese is one of the most successful plants I have! I love it, so lush!

  • (Jay/Jax FL/Zone 9a)

    Many things are in bloom right now c: Salvia x 'Amistad' is in bloom (but it always is) as are milkweeds and pentas. Firebush and porterweeds are also in flower though they peak when it gets really hot.

    lighting is whack but Gailardia pulchella (native annual beach blanketflower, the rolled petal mutation commonly occurs in my personal strain) with 'Black and Bloom' Salvia guerantica, and red Caliandra in the background

    Red trumpet (native) honeysuckle

    Daylily 'Huckleberry Candy'

    Mystery hybrid monarda. I love them but I do not reccommend growing these in Florida it took 4 years to find a spot where it could thrive (morning sun only), I plan on giving it away to a more northern friend when I get the opportunity. This is the first year it has ever grown taller than 5 inches and first year it has flowers.

    Stokesia laevis, a Southeastern native evergreen shade plant Lavender form is 'Colorwheel', White is 'Divinity', and the violet is the more typical wild form

    some of the last blooms of my 'Suwanee' Blue-eyed grass clumps (one of my top 5 native plants, it's a great form of the species much shorter and the sky blue flowers are great)

    in April when they had more flower coverage:

  • starfruitsage

    Jay those are all so pretty! I especially love that blue salvia! Wow!

  • Theresa24

    I grow my stokesia in full sun and have never had a problem.

  • (Jay/Jax FL/Zone 9a)

    thanks c: i have wayyy too many salvias. that one isnt quite that blue (evening light makes it more bold) but it is a lovely blue violet and looks blue next to the right flowers. i have a few true cobalt blue salvias (three to be exact) but they're a bit more niche in terms of where they can grow and how often they flower.

    Theresa that's quite surprising. i mean mine get a bit of sun and might qualify as full sun (i think they might get 7 hours in the morning and then total shade after 1) but i find they get sad during noon time. perhaps it is my soil. i tend to reserve sunnier spots for plants that will not bloom otherwise.

  • Theresa24

    I am loving my cosmos this year.

    Sultry, I am very sad that lost all the tags to my roses while I had to be away from gardening for awhile. They are all antiques and some Austins that I bought several years ago and did well through my period of neglect. Would love any help with ID on these:

    Lovely fragrance on this one :

    This one I believe is The Fairy with Silene and Dianthus growing through it. Sorry for the harsh light this morning:

    And another one in this morning’s harsh light:

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    Shuffles, you are too sweet!

    Theresa, your soft colored pink roses and cosmos are so beautiful. If you post the photos on the Antique Roses forum, one of the Rosarians may be able to identify them.

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    I love this thread, because ... PLANT PORN! Here are just a few more blooms from my gardens.

    Love this daylily. It seems I have three of them, so they'll all go into the ground in the fall.

    The Madagascar Periwinkles are starting to bloom. I cut them back, so it will take while for them to fill out and be really pretty.

    This was from earlier in the month when my "Dart Frog" caladium bloomed.

    Rain lilies look white, but they're pink.

    Cannas have started blooming too.

    My dwarf red Lowe's clearance plant from last year. I didn't know if it was going to come up.

    Purple showers have started blooming.

    I'm trying these for the first time this year. I don't think they like my garden, but it may just be the heat.

    The purple salvia is doing very well.

    The flowers on this 4-o'clock are a much deeper magenta than in this picture.

  • weekend gardener

    Theresa24, could the first photo be of Perle d'Or? Mine usually had those charming ribbon-like petals. Also, perhaps Duchess de Brabant for the last rose posted? My blooms tend to remain loosely cupped and the blooms smell like raspberries.

  • Theresa24

    Perl d’Or!!!!!!! Yes that’s it! That is definitely it. I had known the name for quite awhile But it just wasn’t coming to me. Thank you!!!!!! It’s really been a great Rose.

    As far as the last one, it’s possible. I will research Duchess de Brabant and go smell it again ;) thank you weekend gardener.

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    One of my epies started blooming today.

    Bliss hybrid tea

    Eglantyne an Austin rose

    Life of the Party..Huntington Gardens 100th Anniversary Rose..bees cant stay away from it.

    My new blackish Alocasia..Serendipty..the backs of the leaves are metallic

    Earth Angel...hybrid tea..not sure what the black thing in there is lol..spider, beetle, bee?

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    Lotus, Perry Giant Sunburst, planted in the water tub, finally has a few aerial leaves. Grasshoppers like to eat the leaves.

    Abe Darby, another Austin rose

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    Sultry, I love your new Alocasia. I have a new one too, but it's not named. I got it from the woods behind the community garden where people toss plants they don't want. It's small now. I can't wait to see how it looks when it's larger. It has deep purple stems and the leaves are dark, dark green with purple stems on the back of the leaves.

  • sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

    Thanks DG. Your new Alocasia sounds stunning. I hope you will post pics when it gets bigger. I like the Alocasias & Colocasias they are so easy to take care of and usually do well. They are coming out with so many interesting varieties lately! The nursery where I found this one had some cool ones that I hadnt seen in person before. It was hard to choose.

  • dirtygardener -- Z9a, N. Central Florida

    Yes, I like them too, but I don't have many pretty ones, just plain old Taro and Xanthasoma. I still love them. I'd love to get some dark ones, and keep looking for them in yards so I can ask for a start.

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