Sherwin Williams Site White

lori l
2 years ago
Has anyone used Sherwin Williams Site White (7070) or Passive (7064)? I have painted samples in all rooms in our house and really like the site white because it is husband thinks in some rooms he sees a pink/purple hue. Am curious if anyone has painted Site White and had any pink come through. He said he is OK with the color, he just doesn’t want to paint the whole thing and then feel like we have a pink house. We both like the Passive, I am just concerned on it being dark. Anyone have input on if it feels light or dark once you paint everything? (Maybe will look less dark when it’s not surrounded by white primer?) trim will be bright white, floors will be a medium natural wood. We have huge west facing windows and some east facing windows...not any north/south. This is a large open ranch so everything will mainly be one color. Thank you for any input!

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