Anyone see this pond liner defect?

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last year
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We have a mostly finished pond project going only to discover our Firestone 60Mil 20x25 Pond Liner purchased online has holes in it. They are a uniform ~1/16th" in size and mostly occur along a line although we found one outlier that didn't quite go all the way through.

We patched the holes we could find but the water level is not holding leading us to believe we missed some. Especially frustrating as I promised client that modern pond liners were very reliable. We paid significant extra to get the best available yet seem to be stuck with a faulty product.

Another forum suggested they were nail or staple holes from packaging but they do not look like punctures. They look like burn holes which makes me suspect the manufacturer or vendor.

The vendor says they contacted manufacturer who refuses to replace and suggests the holes happened during transport or install which is pretty ridiculous considering the appearance of the holes.

Has anyone seen this before? Is it possible the vendor sold us an inferior product marketed as Firestone? There is white lettering on the liner but nothing with Firestone ID.

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