Anything I can do about these berries raining down from the tree?

Miami Cuse
last year
last modified: last year

I recently purchased a property and it has a large tree which I believe to be a Ficus of some kind. Here are some pictures of the tree trunks. I tried to get a leave picture but they are to high up to get a good picture of.

Started about a week ago, it started to drop these fruits - berries the size of M&Ms. They come down at about several per second, and after I swept the ground clean, 4 hours later you have this again. Filled a wheel barrow.

If you gently step on them they burst. I can't even walk into the house without taking my shoes off as the bottom of the shoes are completely coated with burst and crushed berries.

Does anyone know which species of Ficus is this? Or is this even Ficus? Any idea how long they will keep dropping these berries? two weeks? two months? It is totally out of control.

I have a small pond with a wooden bridge. This is again 4 hours later I cleaned the bridge and pond, the bridge is full of berries again and the pond has these berries floating on every inch. They draw mosquitoes, flies, bees...

Will these berries contaminate the pond water and hurt the fish if I don't scoop them up 2-3 times a day?

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