On A Parallel Path With Yikes, Let's Re-Decorate the Dining Room

June 20, 2019

I thought I had better make my own thread and not hi-jack Design2girl's thread Yikes, Let's Re-Decorate the Dining Room.

We've recently moved. I've gotten us pretty much unpacked. I'm in the process of living in the space and starting to decorate. We didn't have time to have the interior painted due to a very short moving window.

I have a fully established household with my own acquisitions, some of my mother's furniture and the need to acquire one or two additional pieces. We have always lived in historic homes and renovated. This new home is only 20 years old. It's located in an established neighborhood of much older homes with some newer infill in a historic Southern town.

We have a very mature landscape. There is the need to prune and remove lots of overgrown plantings.

I seem to be on parallel paths with Design2girl's daughter. Lots of similarities.

My dining room table is a 53" round when broken down. Instead of adding a second ring to the round as in her table, I have five leaves that expand it into a long table to seat 10. I usually set it up for six unless I'm entertaining.

The previous owner took her crystal chandelier and draperies. That put me in the market for a new chandelier. Hence, the purchase of the Bette. While I am at it, I'll add the ornamental plaster medallion. These are not the cheap Home Depot things. This is the real deal. They are stunning when installed.

I typically don't like drapes. I have pretty bad allergies and have always avoided them as much as possible. The current panels are neutral, I brought them from the other house, and they were already paid for. I know they are a tad modern, but I don't think that I would find anything else that would interest me.

The previous owner had pale pink silk curtains and the walls were painted pale to match. While I am not a pink person, it's has grown on me. My plan is to paint the walls SW Naval with SW Creamy trim. It will be the only saturated color room in the house. The rest of the house will be painted SW Creamy satin with the SW Creamy gloss trim.

I want to remove the window transom that was added. It's visually busy and makes the doorway short. I'm short. If it bothers me, I can imagine how it bothers my tall DH. The doorways aren't tall enough to accommodate them. I think a plain doorway will look better in this space.

Here is a picture of the dining room table broken down at the old house. Nowhere to put it.

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