Red ginger - propagation help

last year

I have the red ginger that has the red plumes, not the pine cone kind. I left the red plumes on the plant and it looks like little plants are growing out of the plant. Someone told me to bend it over and tuck it in a pot with soil and it would develop roots and create a new plant. I did this to two of the blooms. One of the plumes is still tucked in the pot and looks well hydrated and still green. The other one looked a little shriveled. Upon closer inspection of the second shriveled one the stalk to the main plant looks like it got broken off from the main ginger plant during a recent storm. However, the little plant that was developing in the plume looks like it had not created roots yet. Is it toast... can it still be salvaged.... if it can, how should I go about helping to get it to develop roots.



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