Opuntia ficus-indica 'tree'

Can anyone tell me how long it takes for an opuntia ficus-indica to begin developing a woody trunk? I know it probably varies widely, but is it 5 years? 15 years? 50 years? I have no idea at all.

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  • Alain (Pacifica, CA;10a)
    last year

    could be 5 years or less. Also depends how fast they grow. They need the corking to support the weight above . A seedling will cork slower than a cutting which gets larger/heavier faster once they root.

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  • Stefan
    11 months ago

    Depends on whether they branch a lot or not. Opuntia ficus indica may grow upward(ive had something similar), or it may branch at a low point of the plant and not develop one for an extended period of time...

    Im going with 10-15 years .

  • cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5
    11 months ago

    I would say at least 10 years, but it could vary either way depending on environmental conditions, surely. But who wouldn't want a cactus tree?

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  • argreen73 (North Florida/Zone 8b)
    Original Author
    11 months ago

    @cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5 I can't wait for mine to look like a tree, so I agree!

  • rina_Ontario,Canada 5a
    11 months ago
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    I have received many different plants from Jeff - from his own collection. For example: Agaves (2 different ones); Aeonium balsamiferum; pachyphytums, graptoveria and few others. No Sansevierias or Sedums...

  • Emily H
    11 months ago

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