Should it be painted.

August 7, 2019

This is in my kitchen which also has all wood floors, maple cabinets and wood trim around doors and windows. A lot of wood....should I paint it?

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  • socks

    This was built when your home was built? While you may be tired if it and wish to change, it’s nice to keep it as part of your home’s history and character. I think it could use some fluffing up as far as decor. Sconces are a bit too small, and something tallish over or on the mantel might help. Look at pictures of fireplace decor on houzz , Pinterest or online might help.

    Our home was built in 1939, and it has a couple features that could be changed, but I like it the way it is.

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  • zellenpat

    Don't paint the walls. Put a shelving unit to the right. Filled with books and accessories it will break up the all wood look. Rework the mantle. More brick needs to be exposed if possible. And the surround and mantle need to be more of a statement. So rebuild it beefier and paint it or make it "stone". And the sconces just dont work. Bronze and heavier, not bigger heavier.

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  • Jenifer Bogan- Lillich

    Yes paint the paneling n the fireplace warm white! You’ll love it❤️

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  • Jenifer Bogan- Lillich
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>Oh-btw knots n ghostly details of the wood do show but add character instead of a brand new painted look-think rustic/chic
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  • colorexpressions_donna

    I would stain it a Gray or something that isn't quite as harsh as paint

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  • GRAIN Design-Build

    Don't paint it. Chuck the brick in the fireplace for some white stone (if not in budget, paint brick white perhaps) and get rid of the archway under the mantel. There's no other curvilinear lines so it looks kitchy. Get a new fireplace grate and new modern sconces. Embrace the beauty of your home!

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  • PRO

    Patricia, my painter first spot-primed the knot holes with BINS, a shellac primer. Then, he used spackle over them - the BINS made sure the spackle stuck. Then the paneling was given a coat of BINS. Sure, it COULD be done by a homeowner, but this is not a quick throw-some-paint-on-it-over-the-weekend job. And the smell of the BINS is awful!

    I had hired some guys who worked for a very picky designer doing all his shop maintenance, to put a beadboard ceiling on my sunporch. It never occurred to me they would buy knotty pine bead-board until they came to install it! They claimed no one had clear beadboard. I called around and found this was true. They had already given it a coat of ordinary primer and one finish coat - intended to put it up and then give it one final coat. Those knots were already weeping and showing through! I made them take down what they had put up and told them to use BINS and how to do it correctly. After much agony, they "sort-of" did it correctly and installed it, but 3 years later, a few of those knots are still weeping. I need to get a good painter out to spot prime those with BINS and then repaint the entire ceiling. I wisely used Azek beadboard for the ceiling on the front porch and hired my grandson to paint it. He's so tall he didn't even have to use a ladder!

  • PRO
    Lyons Design

    Painting the paneling is labor intensive. It does need to be lighten up as the solid wood paneling is drawing the ceiling down. Making the ceiling look lower then it is due to shadowing. For a simple low budget fix I think a thin white MDF ship lap capping, Horizontal on the walls would make a huge difference. Then paint the FP cladding a Matte Black, Bricks a Semi- Gloss White and Matte Black Edison Wall Sconces would look great with the Maple floors and Cabinets. Too really take it further, you can do the ceiling beams in a Matte Black too, for the Chard wood look. Somewhat like a rustic modern Scandinavian style. Above is a very quick mock up of it.

  • Brown Dog

    Usually I'm the first one to say "Paint the wood!". But, I wouldn't paint this wood. The boards in the panelling are really wide and that makes them special. Perhaps you can paint other wood surfaces in the room, too bad you didn't post more pics of your room. You might want to update the light fixtures and rethink the mantle decor.

  • decoenthusiaste

    No. I think it is beautiful wood.

  • Gracie Raef

    Definitely! I reccomend putting chic wall decor and a classy chandelier to really make it inviting and stylish!!

  • Gracie Raef

    Oh and don’t forget to keep some of the wood in there! Keep it classy. If you need any more tips send a comment directed to me and i can help you out!

  • Momofthree Ma

    You can definitely paint it! This is one example:

  • Lidia

    Would you consider painting just the brick black? Then a couple more substantial sconces...pull in black as the shade color but perhaps a pattern, like paisley with a little black or a pattern you love to coordinate with the rest of the kitchen. I love your paneling, looks so elegant!

  • emilybeverley

    With the light floors, assuming the maple cabs are also light, you could definitely paint this, probably a shade of white. You will need to also paint the ceiling beams, as they will then look out-of-place if they are not painted. Don't paint the brick. I think I see elements of "earthy homey" type finishes and accessories in your home, and the raw brick looks good with that. Based on the photo, there is nothing special about this wood that needs to be saved. That link to an example of painted pine walls shows how lovely this can be.

  • kkaccordion

    I would paint it

  • debbiecz

    id avoid painting the walls - the wood tone & natural details are beautiful. A large, vibrant picture over the mantel would take the focus off the wood. I’d agree with others, a bright rug or bookcase would be nice. What color are the cabinets? Not loving the pale floors or contemporary seating/table. Once you paint the mantel or paneling it’s almost impossible to go back. With that said, check out pictures of Old Deerfield, Ma. The houses are authentically restored and many have painted wood. But I’d keep the paneling and change everything else

  • lazidazi

    Do you want to hide the fact that you have Quality wood [as opposed to cheap, everybody-has-it sheetrock]?

    Perhaps paint the other walls [that appear wallpapered] to effect the design of the space.

    You haven't said when this house was built; my guess is the 60-70s. If those are the original wood floors, they should be coveted. Do not listen to anyone telling you to change them. You will never see that Quality of material again.

  • allison0704

    I would not paint the wood. It is charming and adds character. What I would do is decorate: hang a nice size piece of art, very little on the mantel, add fireplace tools, a nice woven basket of kindling, hang a pretty antique bellows, antique pair of sconces.

  • cheyena

    Leave those BEAUTIFUL walls ! I'd paint the fireplace mantle.

  • clarissaotto

    The first issue that I see is that the flooring appears to be a light yellow toned wood as opposed to the reddish brown wood of the wall and fireplace surround. That doesn’t appeal to me at all. Secondly, although I like the wall, the wall colour combined with the wood beams above seem to make the ceiling look low. As others have said, post some additional pics for more definitive answers. Good luck with the space .

  • Lynn G

    It's a toughy... that is good quality wood. not sure I agree that if painted the knots need to be treated to not bleed through - I rather like seeing them come through in ones I've seen painted. Maybe like a white-wash that doesn't hide what it is.

    i think the brick as it is is fighting the brown wood. Maybe paint them and possibly the mantel too. Or replace the mantel with something more angular than rounded. Maybe even a cool antique one... if contemplating the later, experiment first on the old mantel to be sure you like the idea of painted... maybe even if you start by painting the mantel and wood isn't right next to the brick you'll like the brick better... good luck - it's tough making such choices!

  • Rebecca Averill

    I painted an entire room of knotty pine (four walls and the ceiling) and it was the best thing I've ever done! One wall would be easy, just use a good primer and 2 coats of paint. And most importantly, caulk every gap between boards before painting! They will show up like a sore thumb if you don't.

    I would keep the beams as-is, they are wonderful. But work on getting rid of that wallpaper.

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  • cpartist

    What is the age of the house? Is this original to the house?

    It's a fine quality wood and once it's painted, that's it. Make sure the reason you want to paint it is because YOU hate it as is and can't live with it as is, and not because you are following the latest trend. More houses have been ruined by following the trend of the current time, than if they had been left alone.

    And to the person who said paint it gray? Hate to tell you this but the gray trend is very much on its way out.

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  • Sarah Guidry

    I was faced with the same dilemma in a previous home. To help make my decision, I painted newspaper using small sample cans of paint and taped it up over the entire wall and fireplace. After living with a couple of colors and combinations of colors for a couple of days each my decision was made.

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  • Edward Scott

    what about whitewash???? it will lighten up the room without loosing the essence of the wood as the grain is still visable.

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  • Jennifer Smith

    I would leave the paneling as is. It’s quite lovely. Instead you should change out your dining table and chairs for something white/off white or a soft color to brighten the room and provide some contrast.

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  • HU-328446737

    I would change the mantel to a more straight one, if the brick continues behind it, update lights and sand and distress the pine wall, not paint. You can then stain the pine wall with a different stain color highlighting the wood grain or keep it natural color, pine is a beautiful wood and soft so easy to distress. The wood floor is what needs updating.

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  • Noreen Hitchcock

    Why not whitewash it? You keep the cozy wood grain and lighten up the room at the same time.

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  • Noreen Hitchcock

    I would also whitewash the bricks around the fireplace.

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  • carollink

    You are so fortunate to have a fireplace in your kitchen! I agree with your observation that a lot of wood is going on. it would be beautiful to enliven the fireplace wall be to be the focal point. The natural brick is lovely and I would keep as much as possible. Maybe it covers the entire wall underneath the paneling?? Now for the hard part. I would consider removing the paneling and surround, and repurposing the knotty pine into a floating mantel above the fireplace. It would tie in nicely with the beams, too.

    Good luck!

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  • Vickie Whitaker

    A white wash stain is nice.

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  • Jane Teague

    Don’t feel tempted to follow change for change’s sake or some trend. This wood is exceptional and timeless, even if it ebbs and flows thoughout time. I fear if you paint it, a few years from now you will have such remorse, and you can never get that patina back again. Enjoy the wonderful wood and its own unique timeless beauty! If you want to update, more photos of the room would be helpful (as previously suggested). I see other possible Options to change being the floral wallpaper, possibly painting the brick black to match the fireplace liner (??try to color it on paper to see if that works or not first), and then maybe getting new sconces with black rather than gold to unify everything. It is a beautiful wall!

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  • njmomma


  • Rosemary Isabell

    I would pain the paneling and leave the fireplace surround and mantle natural

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  • PRO

    Get the grouping of "small stuff" off the mantel. Buy a great picture to put over the mantel! Paint your walls a nice green - a light sagey green. It's really a lovely wall and you're so lucky to have a fireplace in your kitchen.

    DD painted her paneling as it was 1960's knotty pine on all 4 walls in a small room. She lived with it for about 14 years before taking the leap. No regrets, but it didn't look "colonial" like your's does - it looks Ethan Allen 1950's-60's Early American.

  • Vicki Cotie

    No. Never ever paint knotty pine, it never looks good painted. it looks like you have a cottage style in that room and dominos always fall, you will be redoing everything to have to change the look of your whole room. Just remember this. Trends are called trends for a reason, they ALWAYS go out os style. stick with a classic look and your home will age beautifully. Only accessories should be trendy.

  • HU-425896422

    A large picture or mirror would break up all the wood without all the work and look great. I'd try that first.

  • shirlpp

    beehive14......What are you thinking now? What are you leaning towards doing?

  • Jane Teague

    A large picture or mirror, as HU suggests, could even be leaned on the mantle, so you don’t have to make any holes. Or hang a quilt (traditional to modern) that is mounted with command strips. Lots of info online.

  • skunst2017

    Everything seems to be wood in your house ..chairs , table ...and all different colors . If you like to change your room ..what colors or what design do YOU like to change it too ...??? I would change the dining room furniture ...and the brick ...first ..then place a rug ..and see how it looks after that's a pity you didn't give us more photos to work with ..I like your paneled wall around the fireplace ...but it would be nice if whitewashed with all the wood grain showing or black wash...( also showing that it is Good wood all depending on your taste and what you like to accomplish ...

  • zellenpat

    White wash was in. Than out. Than briefly in. Now on it' s way out. So don't white wash it if looking to update. But it is beautiful the way it is. Just accessorize better.

  • nbethanyann

    If it were my house, I’d probably paint the paneling white or remove it because I like a light kitchen. I’d also probably keep the surround as is because I like the curve, color and petite, unique form. I wouldn’t alter the bricks at all. The floors I’d probably want to refinish In something less yellow and I’d remove the wallpaper. I love the ceiling beams just as they are. I’d change the sconces, add artwork and soften things with a rug.

    But this isn’t my house. What do you like and dislike? What do you want? All kinds of opinions on here, but you and your family are the ones who see it and live in it. What dissatisfies you about the space?

  • R

    personally, I love it as is - I'd just paint the walls or ceiling (though not the beams) a soft contrasting color and change lights to something really eye-catching.

  • Cal Erstein

    Replace the brick with a clean white stone, then hang a large bright (aka: mostly white and light colors) painting with a white frame between the two scones. Hang some smaller bright paintings also with a white frame to the right of that as well in gallery-style.

    Those are relatively small changes that would instantly make the wood feel like an accent wall rather than a dated panel. But if you wanted to you could also switch out the sconces for something more modern.

  • shirlpp

    OP - is missing. No response in days.

  • PRO
    LB Interiors

    I'd paint or replace.. Keep some of the wood in other rooms if it can be just in smaller amounts, that is needed to cozy up a room, if you like that style. It's what you like now or what you may have planned in the future, to help you get your vision.

  • ci_lantro

    I would not paint it because it is not going to paint up good. Because of the visible nailing. Yes, you could try to countersinks them and fill (unless those are decorative nails) but I'm afraid that after a couple of years, the nails/ filler will reveal themselves and look Not Great.

    I would remove the vertical boards and maybe keep the wood surround.

    Actually, I would really consider removing the fireplace altogether.

  • HU-491464718

    I had a wall of pine paneling in my Maine living room and dragged my feet for years about painting it. Everyone said "don't paint it" Well..I finally did and it was really lovely. I LOVED it! The same people who said "don't paint it" loved it too!

    You might consider leaving the mantel as is and add some prettier accessories and a painting that you love. The sconces are a bit "motel - like" so you could upgrade them. The advice to get rid of the wallpaper is good. It is pretty dated. Using stain killer really works and be sure to paint it a lovely soft off-white. You could repaint the ceiling in the same paint if you have the energy. Oh yes...why bother taking down a wall of lovely panelling and adding shiplap just because it is trendy right now. Personally..I think it is overrated and it would fight the lines of your fireplace. PS You are so lucky to have beams so I would leave them brown like the mantel to tie it together. Go for it! New England Chick

  • Lisa Scribner

    Keep the wood. It's very high quality in a style found in historic houses, not a run of the mill v groove knotty pine. Replace the sconces with a less obtrusive sconce with an exposed candleabra bulb. Hang a mirror or painting over the fireplace. Remove wallpaper and paint walls and ceiling white.

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