Is this granite countertop fixable?

Sam Walton
August 13, 2019
last modified: August 13, 2019

Just close on a house and found out three days later a large crack on the counter-top. Our home inspector calls it cosmetic problem. That being said, how do we fix it or is it even fixable? See the pictures.

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  • Lil S

    Yes, it can be repaired.

    Found this- https://youtu.be/yP9e_ab_MuM

  • PRO

    That’s a reinforcing rod blowout. An expert stone repair person can fix that, but it’s a lot more involved than just injecting some epoxy. And a lot more expensive too. You’ll spend half to two thirds the cost of putting in an all new counter.

    Before you do anything, take a good hard realistic look at your kitchen layout and quality. You don’t want to waste money on a repair or new stone on a builder basic chassis that is ready to be replaced.

  • Sam Walton

    @GreenDesigns- what is reinforcing rod blowout? You mean the granite countertop has internal steel rods to hold it in place along its width? Google was not helpful, unfortunately.

  • PRO

    Yes, that’s exactly it. Steel rods that give strength to that skinny front rail where the sink is. Probably the rear too. Granite is porous, water passes through, and the steel reinforcing rusts and expands, cracking the granite. One cure is to eliminate the front rail entirely by retrofitting a short apron farm sink install. Not every stone repair person has the skills to do this type of repair. It’s NOT cheap, if you can even find someone that has those skills.

    You’ll get a lot more fabricators suggesting counter replacement. Given the color, that might be a better option. But it also depends on the cabinets below, the kitchen layout, the backsplash, and a host of other factors. Your best course might be to accelerate any other kitchen changes that are in the picture.

    Post more pictures of the whole space. Are there changes that you want to make? Walls removed? Fridge not in a corner? Etc?

  • DavidR

    Reading posts like this one (and there are many similar ones here on GW) really makes me appreciate good old Formica countertops.

  • cpartist

    If you're in SW Florida, Joseph could fix that for you easily.

  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC


    Your inspector is wrong; this is structural, not just cosmetic. You have a classic reinforcement rod failure (Countertop Cancer) and you're going to fix it whether you like it or not because you're facing catastrophic failure otherwise. You can have the rod pulled and patched for about $1,500.00 or an apron sink installed for double that.

  • Sam Walton

    Looks like I have all the best options at hand to spend few grands!! Honestly, I never knew granite failure is a thing. The ugly white formica counter-top in my old house from 1962 still in perfect working order.

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