Pepper plants destroyed!

Nicole Bougen
4 days ago
last modified: 4 days ago

My peppers were doing fine the day before and then I came out and they looked like this! Would could it be? I was thinking iguanas but does anyone else have any thoughts I live in the Fort Lauderdale area

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  • bea (zone 9a -Jax area)

    Could be deer too but my money is on lubbers. They are really bad this year and they can strip a plant bare of leaves very fast. I dispatched 6 yesterday. One of they destroyed an entire leaf off one of my crinums and another two ate the leaves down to the stems on half my trumpet vine. They were still at it when I found them.

  • catherinet

    I live in the midwest, but I noticed that you have utility wire for fencing. We have a 4' of that around our garden BUT....we have to put at least 1 and 1/2 -2' high either chicken wire fencing along the lower section of the other fencing, or lately we've gone to rabbit fencing. It has 1x2" openings and lasts longer than the chicken wire. Plus, we sink it about an inch or 2 in the ground. But whatever got to your plant might be able to climb the fence or dig deeper under it. But I thought I'd mention using a lower, smaller-opening fence at the bottom, in case it's a larger animal. So sorry! I totally understand your frustration, as we have had similar problems in the past, and it's really upsetting. I also put up a solar electric fence around the whole thing. It can be a challenge to outsmart some of the animals....even though they're just trying to survive. Good luck!

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