Growing cool weather vegetables in Autumn

September 2, 2019
last modified: September 2, 2019

What do you have success with?

Live in Ohio zone 5/6 and seedlings do poorly in August heat, and then later you get less sun to fuel growth even though the weather is decent. October often does not have any strong freezes but days are shorter and cloudy.

Brassicas like Broccoli and Cauliflower are possible, decent sized transplants do okay planted in August, they just need to survive the pests by early September and hopefully produce before the cold and darkness of November. Brassica seeds and related seeds usually grow pathetically in August, very weak and droopy.

Planted some Kohlrabi seeds last month and they are pathetic so far, maybe they will start growing properly. Planted some Rutabaga seeds to try it, the seedlings are literally lying on the ground unable to support the weight of the leaves.

Radishes should do okay. I'm going to plant some bigger or longer radishes now, and let them grow over the next three months. Going to try China Rose, Blauer Winter, Ostergruss Radish, and Schwarzer Runder black radish and see what I like.

Lettuce can grow but I'm never impressed with the results, small growth, more bitter, and less succulent. Merveille de Quatre Saisons is attractive, not sure it does any better than other lettuce.

Carrots will grow until deep freeze, but I'm not sure the best time to plant. When do you plant carrot seeds? Early August seems too late to grow decent sized carrots to pull, and seedlings have to grow in summer heat.

Scallion onions can grow but seeds don't seem to grow in the heat, I tried, even though I read this is possible. One can cut off scallions instead of pull, and they can grow back until deep freezes.

Peas have not grown well at all in Autumn, they do not seem happy.

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