Questions about propogating peach

Ariel (Zone: 7b)
September 3, 2019

I decided to propagate my peach tree. Its over 10 years old. While it gives a decent amount for us the way its pruned/growing is horrible. The previous owners cut off all the lower branches. Even with a ladder I can only reach a few parts of the tree and try my best with a rake to shake off the rest. The tree also has some other issues.

My method: I followed a basic guide for air layering. I removed the bark and scraped it a bit. With a zip lock bag I filled wet top soil that has peat moss around it and tied both ends. After 2 or 3 weeks it still wet inside.

I have some questions about this process:

  1. Can you propagate it by air layering?
  2. Does it need a rootstock to be grafted on? Why yes or no.
  3. When do I cut of the layer?
  4. Is it too late to start now?
  5. Do I bring it inside for the first few months after transplanting?

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