Granite is being installed being installed right!

September 10, 2019
last modified: September 10, 2019

Local stone place is installing our Mesabi Black granite in our kitchen right now.

Biggest issue is in the cooktop cutout on the island slab. The stone cracked in the front right corner of the cutout. It goes from the corner, straight out to the front edge of the top, so about 2.5-3", They've epoxied it. Do i reject the slab all together and ask for a new piece? Or do i accept it and just ask for a guarantee in writing that if it cracks again or if that whole skinny strip in front of the cooktop breaks that they replace the slab?

Second issue is that on that same island slab (roughly 4'x9' slab) where the 1/2 bullnose becomes tangent with the top of the slab, you can feel and see scratches/knicks for about a 6' run. I suspect it was another piece of granite rubbing on it during delivery to my home. He said he can either polish it or take the slab back to the shop and i'm guessing grind it or something?

I've never hired anyone to do anything in my house or let alone had nice counter-tops so i'm not sure what to expect or how to proceed.

They seem willing to do whatever i want to be a happy customer, but i don't know what's normal and what's me being overly picky.

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