Kitchen color mistake help ASAP

Help everyone. I am in the end stages of my kitchen refresh And it’s really a disaster to me. I repainted the top cabinets in chantilly Lace Benjamin Moore

mall bottom island is hale navy which I love. Looks awful in stark Matt white not nice or elegant compared to the hale navy

help anyone should I do all blue think it may be too much. This white shows everything including the dark hinges

I’ll post

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  • Sandrine Ohayon Huynh

    Thank you so much i Think I looked at so many Instagram pictures that I was thinking mine would end up like that. Not realistic at all at all. And I am very disappointed and overwhelmed

    my cabinet guy said he would make me happy and redo the tops. I just don’t trust myself anymore to decide on a new colo/fix

  • herbflavor

    Remove all the white and move the fridge over and put a stack of drawers and counter between fridge and range. Put up open shelves and put the cabs in storage and revisit getting new doors and if you want them or new cabs Or not. Correct the flaw of fridge and range side by side .......maybe get a new fridge also. There are no mistakes but rather opportunities.

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  • Karen Rose

    Yes I don’t like the fridge butted up to the range...any chance it could be moved? And trim added to the tops.

  • girlnamedgalez8a

    I don't think that painting all of the cabinets that blue is going to be better. Hale Navy is very dark. I too would live with this for some time before doing anything.

    My DD painted her cabinets white but a much dirtier shade because of her counters & backsplash. She painted the wall over the uppers Hale Navy & it looks amazing. Something to think about.

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  • janetmm59

    I would not move the fridge - you won’t be able to open the fridge door next to a wall.

  • Sandrine Ohayon Huynh

    Would you have a picture maybe to see what you mean or what the dirtier white was? I am not running off to paint all cabinets hale navy. It worries me I wont love it all blue and not classic either. Don’t want to add too much darkness

  • DK Haas

    Yes you can move the fridge next to the a wall. Leave some space for the door hinge-swing.

    SHAKER LOOK can be yours- give the cabs more details, like adding a wood frame to the face of the plain door? add moldings to top and bottom of cabinets?

    added-. replace the hinges with hidden hinges

  • rnonwheels

    I would think you could replace all the back wall cabinets, and reconfigure the stove/fridge design using the RTA cabinets of your choice for fairly little cost, they could go up higher and add more storage too. Meanwhile live with it and save-up for the final step, like you planned it that way LOL.

  • mnmamax3

    Take a deep breath, Sandrine. You sound SO defeated. We have all been there. Colors that looked like they matched in the shop... layouts that looked great on paper. I'm no pro and I'm going to reiterate some of the advice given above:

    - Live with it a bit before making any more changes. You said "refresh" - were the stove and fridge always together like they are now? If it's a new layout, see how it works for you.

    - The tile is lovely, the floors are warm, the cabinets are clean-lined and it can all work. The dentil moulding above the window HAS to go. I think that is what is making the top of the cabinets look like they need additional adornment. Remove that and see.

    - I think that some larger more interesting pendants could really amp up this space and take the focus off the blandness of the cabinets. Pull the wood tones from the floor or the pretty off whites in the tile.

    - Your counters have NOTHING on them yet. Add a nice houseplant, a low carved wooden bowl, small framed art.

  • mnmamax3

    Some more substantial pendant options: These are all from World Market. Search for the guidelines on this site for spacing and sizing of pendants.

  • mnmamax3

    Are you able to get lighter hardware for the hinges on the uppers? It seems like the hinges are darker than the hardware...

  • mdln

    Think problem is the wall color and backsplash. Google images of "navy and white kitchen cabinets," most all have white walls.

  • PRO
    Lori A. Sawaya

    The Hale Navy, Chantilly Lace and back splash are fabulous together.

    The color choices is not what's wrong with your kitchen.

    Just like color can't fix fundamental design issues, color isn't the root of fundamental design issues.

    You got some good suggestions to fix those fundamental design issues already and IMO that's what you should focus on. Not the colors.

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  • Kendrah

    I think you and others are being way too critical. Remember that so many of the pics we see online are of kitchens that were designed by professional designers, often on a large budget, and then photographed by a professional photographer. Just as we shouldn't look at the cover of Vogue and think we are going to turn into a supermodel if only ... we should also not look at pics on Houzz or Pinterest and think we are going to have a perfect kitchen if only ...

    I agree with others that larger more eye catching pendents are what your room needs. They will create a great focal point, distract from whatever flaws are bothering you about the cabinets, and potentially bring more light and brightness to the space.

    You've done a great job. I freaked out after my kitchen was done too. It is common. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  • ccwatters

    What is your countertop material?

    And are these old cabinets you repainted?

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  • mnmamax3

    Grande Ave Kitchen · More Info

  • PRO
    Flo Mangan

    I agree with Lori the colors look beautiful. Biggest problem I see is the placement of the refrigerator. It would be better to move refrigerator to the far left making sure there is sufficient space open on left to allow the refrigerator doors to open fully so drawers can be accessed and removed for cleaning. Then add drawer unit under counter next to range. If you need storage take that cabinet on far left and install it in garage to provide additional storage. It will visually open up your space and get you more valuable counter space. You can get another piece of countertop to put over new cabinet next range. You could even get a wood cutting board surface from Ikea for that space relatively inexpensively. Overall, you are fine. Just these adjustments. Then add accessories that add your personality.

  • hazelcraddock

    Flat molding on top of your upper cabinets would give them more height/heft/presence. I love your backsplash, warm flooring and kitchen colors.

    Love It Or List It Vancouver: David & Jane - Jillian Harris · More Info

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  • flopsycat1

    I think the kitchen looks very nice, and the colors are fine. Agree, the refrigerator should be moved to the left, and should not abut the range. Also agree that the window trim should be minimized. I wouldn’t change anything else. Hope you’ll enjoy your new kitchen!

  • blfenton

    I think the colour combination is really nice. Not knowing what colours you had before it could be that the white cabinets against the blue and the grey walls are coming across as very stark. I would live it for a while and if it still doesn't work then perhaps use a white with a hint of grey.

  • blfenton

    (Unable to edit my comment) I wanted to add - You haven't made a mistake.

  • PRO
    Qualita Property Services

    I like the colour choices. However I agree with some of the suggestion already given. Flat doors are more modern and the window trim is traditional. I would remove the window top trim part. The fridge besides the stove is something I thing doesn't work quite well, separate them would be good. Simple line finish at the top cabinets would work well. Major change, new pendant lights, I feel those ones are small and too white, it does not catch the attention and that peninsula will be the star if you get bigger pendants with a different/contrast colour. Love the cabinetry colours, backsplash and wall paint. Good luck!

  • emmarene9

    Just to be clear on one aspect. Are you saying the white cabinets were painted in matte finish?

  • tangerinedoor

    I love the navy, and it looks elegant and modern, but the first thing I’d do after moving the fridge is adding to the white cabinets all the way up to the ceiling. Use the extra space to store holiday decorations, vases, and your great aunt’s scary-fragile china that you only dare put out at Thanksgiving.

  • Jora

    I think your kitchen looks FABULOUS - and I really like the color combo of Chantilly Lace with Hale Navy! I vote for keeping it.

    Things I'd do:

    1. Instead of taking the trim off the top of the window, I'd add matching (or close enough) trim to the top of your cabinets.

    2. Change the pendent lights to something in Polishes Brass

    3. Replace cabinet hardware to match the pendent lights

  • lulu bella

    For starters, it's NOT a disaster! It's really nice and just needs some tweaking.

    I agree that adding trim to the top of the cabinets similar to what is on the window will look right.

    The pendants you have are too lightweight and I think just about all the pendants suggested in this thread would work so much better and bring the space around.

    I also think that the kitchen is so bare now and once you have a few things out and about on counters, (and walls) it will look more like what you had in mind.

    I can so relate to the second guessing and beating oneself up but really you did a good job and you have experts on this thread chiming in telling you that you did fine- but just need a few tweaks.

    Not a disaster at all.

    Editing to add, as I re-read the thread, that if you start with simply replacing the pendants, I think it will work wonders.

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  • J Williams

    To me, it looks ok, agree, the pendants could have more presence. There is nothing wrong with the baseboards, that is very normal for older homes, perhaps people aren’t used to seeing it. Agree fridge is in a weird place, why so close to stove?

  • Sandrine Ohayon Huynh

    Yes I simply thought I would refresh my cabinets and always had the fridge and stove there. My electricity is a nightmare in my home and once I did a refresh everything looks off. The stove is still out of its spot. No choice issue electricity in the back for now. Lastly the lights were late very late so those r old ones that also one doesn't work (electric) again. At this point my husband will kill me as if I spend more then should have gutted it vs spending money on paint. The bottom is stunning and to me a home run. The top well I dunno. If I get a new fridge I would put on another wall for sure. As for cabinets maybe a trim is a good idea They r just so all off in sizings none match really

  • arch13

    I think I was the one that mentioned the baseboards. Sorry if it seemed like I thought something is wrong with them. I do not, they're lovely :)

    My point more was that all the oversized moulding in the room could emphasize the fact that the cabinets have no moulding.

    Sandrine - I think adding a beefier crown across the top of your uppers could really help. It's a relatively easy and inexpensive project. Don't think you have to fire yourself. You made great design decisions. Keep your head up :)

  • Casamacho

    It looks great! Just remove the crown on top of that window and add what is on the sides so it's a simple square...also add a simple crown to the top of the white cabinets. That will make a HUGE difference. Also can you post a close up pic of the hinges? Maybe you could find the same size in silver to replace them to match your pulls. Or maybe spray paint them, although i don't know how that would hold up..

  • Sandrine Ohayon Huynh

    Thanks the handles r brushed gold but they came out too yellow. I asked for hinges and he said you can’t as the grease won’t allow paint

  • Sandrine Ohayon Huynh

    Tried to upload picture of my other wall not working so you could all help me and say if the new fridge (not yet purchased or a reality my hubby will murder me) would help?

  • Sandrine Ohayon Huynh

    pendants ordered they r longshore tides in aged

    brass finish called GASKELL1 light

  • Sandrine Ohayon Huynh

    the long wall pic isn't loading dunno why would have helped to add it and see what you all think

  • istuke

    Not sure how it would look, but perhaps use dark cabinet pulls to tie the hinge color and navy color? Or handles/knobs with a warm wood to make it less stark? Then a moulding on the top cabinets as others have suggested. You’re well on your way to a very lovely kitchen! Someone suggested painting the navy color on the wall above the cabinets. Could you paint a cardboard that color and pop it up there to see how that might look?

  • Sandrine Ohayon Huynh

    Yes I could absolutely do that I have sample paint! I think I will have to wait til light fixtures and find same pattern as ones I have now in hardware. Looks great on bottom but top not at all. Also too thick the handles on top. Need to address hinges right away as this is a huge miss of the companies part and even the back of where they put wholes damages at every screw

  • eam44

    It's a very long thread now - I've read about half of it, so forgive me if someone has suggested this already. Whatever paint you used for your walls, go two shades lighter for the currently white cabinets to become a lovely light gray.

    BTW, it's looking very pretty.

  • Sandrine Ohayon Huynh

    Benjamin Moore silver hc 170

  • Casamacho

    Yes I think now the pulls might be throwing it off, try black/oil rubbed bronze.

  • eam44

    BM HC170 is Stonington Gray. For the cabinets take a look at Silver Satin OC26. Here is how all three colors look together.

    Walls BM HC170 Stonington Gray

    Upper Cabinets BM OC26

    Lowers and Peninsula BM HC154

  • eam44

    For comparison, Chantilly Lace is BM OC65. Here it is next to Silver Satin BM OC26

    The Silver Satin will allow your upper cabinets to recede from the eye. They will look much less stark, like they belong in the space, but your navy peninsula will still be the star. And your trim color will be a trim color again.

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  • Sandrine Ohayon Huynh

    Thank you so much Itsbmy wedding anniversary and I woke up to all these messages and I was overwhelmed by all these peoples willing to help me! So wonderful this is a real gift

    the painter threw the paint code sample away yesterday I had notes in my phone from entire house paint 5 years ago. I will ask cabinet guy to possibly redo tops in grey but firstly the hinges to me are a real miss

  • cpartist

    What year was your house built and how old are those cabinets?

    Are they built in where the backs of the cabinets are the actual wall of the kitchen or are there wood backs to the cabinets?

  • Sandrine Ohayon Huynh

    Back of the cabinets yes and the year built is 1920 I do believe kitchen was done in 1997 cause windows then too.

    Just thought they were solid wood and good to do. But not on top and not in white like this least of all hinges kept out like this. I was shocked when he said he has done at least 500 kitchens. Should have told me this professionally.

    can’t even be painted he claims in white

    so can they be removed easily is my question?

  • tayfish

    I think if you add some natural wood accessories it will really soften the look for the space. For example, a pretty wood cutting board leaning vertically on a counter against the backslash. A split wood or natural fiber shade at the window. Perhaps some baskets on the top of the upper cabinets. Place wooden utensils in a white ceramic pitcher next to the stove. Or even a wood block for knives. I agree with everyone that says you shouldn't be so hard on yourself! Add some personal touches to soften the appearance, cook a few meals, and then see how you feel!

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  • lindahambleton

    For right now I would paint the one wall above the cabinets Chantilly Lace. Just that one area for right now may give you a different visual while you decide what else to do. Paint the cabinets over in a satin finish. Matte finishes in kitchens are hard to keep clean. Don’t change the color yet.

  • ci_lantro

    Youngdale knife hinges are available in white.

    Look for any stamping on your hinges...manufacturer, any numbers, etc. (The Youngdale #6 may work.)

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  • Kaylie

    Have you looked at getting brighter, cooler light bulbs? A lot of the pictures above have more natural lighting and it looks like the bulbs you're using might be more of a warm white. I've seen 4000K bulbs recommended here and those might make enough of a difference.

  • Sandrine Ohayon Huynh

    I looked just now and there is nothing to see as far as brand or code. I have tried to upload pics and impossible. On the door its 3 bolts and then the trim side its 2 bolts

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