laundry in kitchen: best doors for side by side

October 7, 2019

As part of a large remodel, I'm relocating the W/D within my kitchen and want advice on how to best configure the W/D closet. The area is already framed (it's my current kitchen nook) and 74" wide x 38" deep. I'm thinking of adding doors and shelves (or cabinets) above the W/D. My Qs:

a) Can anyone recommend a brand of good quality bi-fold doors? (I'm emotionally scarred from using the bad ones)

b) has anyone seen or used bi-fold doors like these (below), which swing out?

c) any other ideas on how to best make this work?

I've considered other options, like these

But in my case, I have the recessed nook, so it would look more like this, below. (on the left, it wouldn't be a fridge, but I'd have a wall. On the right, I'd have a 2' x 38" deep pantry closet.). Compared to the pic below, I'd have bi-fold cabinet doors covering the W/D. The kitchen island is behind the W/D.

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Other ideas I considered but dropped:

--Barn doors: won't fit with my 1940s bungalow.

--pocket doors to the left--I'd lose too much depth (door and the pocket)

BTW, I realize it's not everyone's choice to put W/D in the kitchen, but I've considered other spots and this is the best. I had planned on stacking ones, but since I'm short, I'd have to stand on my tip toes and even then could barely reach the dryer buttons. (if I went with the stacking W/D in a cabinet, that would be elevated another inch.) I want full-size appliances but don't want to use a step-stool to do laundry, esp. in my decrepitude.

Thoughts? Comments Suggestions? Thanks so much for your help.

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