We Need to Treat Each Other Better

3 months ago

One bad thing about being able to post to more than one forum is that people from other parts of the country far removed from Florida, who have no clue how different our gardening is, come in and start telling us how to garden. Now, here in N. Florida, people can come in from Southern Gardening and understand completely what we're talking about, so I'm not talking about them. Nor am I talking about quite a few parts of TX, where the growing conditions (especially along the gulf) are very like ours in the S. Florida gulf areas. I'm talking about people who come in here and tell us we're wrong and quote books and studies done in other parts of the country, then start calling us names and talking down to us like we're stupid.

I'm NOT talking about people like GardenGal, who comes in with scientific facts that apply to the topic, and takes it perfectly fine when we tell her that her facts do not necessarily apply to Florida. She's a respected part of our community, and although we've gone 'round and 'round at times, we still respect each other.

I'm not a scientist, I'm a horticulturist, and not a specialist in anything. If I don't know something, I try to find an article from UF/IFAS or some other Florida Gardening site that has much more knowledge than I do. I don't claim to always be right, and sometimes I just say what works for me. This is what we all do, to an extent, tell each other what has worked for us, because our gardening environment in FL is so -- FLAKY (for lack of a better word), that sometimes that's all we can do.

But we try to be respectful, and when someone is not respectful, we either let it be, or speak our minds in as polite a way as possible. Well, sometimes when people attack me, I'm "southern polite," which can be pretty caustic, but that's just me and people here tend to ignore me.

So, I'm asking people from other places in the world who come into this forum to please try to accept that FL is pretty much an entity unto itself when it comes to gardening, and sometimes the most well-researched facts and figures and "book learning" simply do not apply. In fact, our favorite thing to tell people moving from up north is to forget everything they know about gardening, because they are now in a gardening twilight zone.

The world is such an angry place anymore. Gardening is my sanctuary from the madness, as I know it is for some of you. This forum should be a sanctuary too. Houzz doesn't monitor these forums. They expect us to work out our own differences like adults, and we do try, but when someone comes in here calling our respected participants "mentally ill" and accusing me of never reading a scientific report when I do it for a living, that is a bridge too far.

O.K., rant over. I love you all and wish we could buy 1,000 acres of land and create a community where we could all just live and garden together. Happy Gardening!

Deb, the Impaler

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