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Kes Z 7a E Tn
November 13, 2019

I am looking out the window at trees, some of them still with green leaves, covered with snow. What the heck???!!! We had the warmest summer in a long time, record breaking October heat, a drought that didn't break till mid October and now this. I still have 20 roses in pots that were going to be planted before fall was over! I hope this is only an anomaly and not an early winter. This year was rough but there's always next year, right? I may as well start planning.

Some of my roses have not performed as expected. For some, it's because they aren't the roses I ordered. For others, I just don't know enough about them. Maybe someone else grows them too and can give some insight:

Ferdinand Pichard- After my early reasonable success with Gen. Jacqueminot, I thought I'd try another HP, even though I've not been successful with other HP's in the past. It came as a healthy band, did OK in a pot for a year and I planted it in the ground this spring. I kept it watered but it grew backward through a long hot summer till I thought it wouldn't make it. After the drought broke, it revived and started to grow again. I dug it up and potted it again. Its root growth was in negative territory. Is this rose a poor bet for heat and humidity? Does it struggle in acidic soil? Would it be better to try it in more shade? Would it be better for a cooler zone? If so, how much cooler? I could rehome this rose in NE Ohio (6a) or NW Indiana (5b).

Madame Carnot Not- (Possibly Mme Cunisette Carnot)- I got mine last year from ARE. It is nonclimbing and pink, not a climbing yellow noisette which I thought I'd be getting. I have been told that it may actually be the hybrid tea Mme Cunisette-Carnot. Hybrid teas haven't been my strong suit. I had planted it from a pot where it struggled into an empty front row spot. I thought it wouldn't thrive but it did better than expected through a long hot summer. I moved it to an empty spot in my east-southeast facing pink/china bed where 2 roses (Smiling Jean and Comtesse du Cayla) outgrew their place and one (Pink Gruss) grew backward. Does anyone know anything about this rose? How big? I am hoping an upright 3-5 ft? It's in a protected spot because I expect it's more tender than modern HT's?

Ping Dong Yue Ji- This one came to me as a double mistake. I ordered Ivor's Rose and got a rose labeled Isabella Ducrot which turned out to be PDYJ. Thinking that it was ID, I planted it in my remaining tea spot. Not a tea. I got it as a small band but it isn't anymore. It acts like Bermuda Spice, which could grow just about anywhere in my yard. So what can I expect from this rose for size and hardiness? It sailed through last winter but it was in a warm spot and it wasn't a severe winter. Heat and drought didn't seem to be a big deal either.

Not Siren's Keep- What I got when I ordered Siren's Keep from Rose Petals. It appears that a Paul Barden rose was switched with another of his creations somewhere along the line and this one is really the Barden hybrid gallica 08-02-05, not SK. It came as a small band last year and it's still in a pot. It struggled to survive last year till fall when it started to grow. This year it did a little better but did its growing when temps were under high 80's and 90's. It seems to grow OK for others who have hot summers but here it doesn't seem to grow at all till it cools down. What does this rose need to be happy? Does it just need time to mature? How big will it get? Is it possible to come up with a study name for it? I have a hard time recalling the number.

Romaggii Plot Bourbon- I hoped that this one would be a lot like the SDLM family roses for size and growth. Will it? Good to know before I plant it in the ground.

Ruby Voodoo- More like Gen. Jacqueminot or more like Stephen's Big Purple? I need to move it to more sunlight and it would help to know more about this one.

Faith Whittlesey- My absolute favorite tea and white rose of any I have. It is also the most tender and has a lot of dieback even in a protected tea spot. In warm weather it grows like a weed. It seems happiest when it's in the 90's. Always healthy. Always blooms well. The blooms are perfection. Anyone else in 7a grow this rose? Will it get hardier with maturity?

I'll be so grateful if you share your experience with these. Thanks.

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