'Comtesse Cecile de Chabrillant'?

November 29, 2019

Hi everyone. This is a question I have about a rose found last june here in Central Portugal. It was growing in a field near the road and people actualy have a name for it, an old lady told me it is rose 'Comtesse Cecile de Chabrillant' and it used to be in many gardens in S. Martinho Porto area. It's clearly an old rose, very strong perfume, healthy and vigorous. but...it actually does't look quite like the rose peole are saying it is. Photos I've seen of it in the internet look a bit different, only similar. Can it still be the same rose?? Is there some kind of mistake? Is it definitely not this rose? If someone can help me, I would be very thankful.

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  • AquaEyes 7a NJ

    It certainly looks like what I'd expect from a rose given that name. Have you looked at HelpMeFind? The page for your rose is below:


    However, there were many, many fragrant pink Hybrid Perpetuals that look similar, so I can't say for sure that's what it really is. But I don't see anything in your pictures that would immediately disqualify it from that name, so I'm confused. What differences are you perceiving? Is it that it is grown as a climber at Mottisfont? Many roses not traditionally thought of as climbers can certainly be grown that way. If you offer support to a rose, it will grow longer and floppier, even if it looks "shrubby" or "bushy" when grown (and pruned) as a freestanding plant.

    Or.....perhaps when you hear that name, you think of some other rose that's totally different but sounds similar?



  • jaime_eusebio

    Thank you so much for you answer Christopher,

    When she wrote me down the name of this rose I thought I would find exactly looking pictures of it, but I have issues with the shape of the rose itself, number of petals looks not the same(?) the buds before opening also puts me a bit off...and as you said there's probably a lot Hybrid Perpetuals very simillar ...also, people often times misslable things, and roses are no exception, over the time people tend to give the same name to different plants. I would like to have the right name for this beautiful rose, to dismiss any doubt. I will take cuttings of it soon and grow it in my rose garden, it's worth having anyway. ;-)

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    It does look similar to me to my La Reine HP.

  • jaime_eusebio

    Thank for your guess Sheila , wow It does look like la Raine as well to me! This will be difficult, cause that is also a relatively common rose around this parts, so it could well be mistaken for La Raine. Thank you.

  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley

    Wow! Sheila, if my two LaReines look like this beauty I'll be over the moon! what a gorgeous rose. Jaime, there is a well-known rosarian who has one of the largest collections of HPs stateside. Perhaps you could drop him an email with pictures and get his opinion.

    Freedom Gardens

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  • jerijen

    My first thought was also that this looked like 'La Reine'.

    As I remember de Chabrillant, its blooms were smaller than those of 'La Reine,' and it was less determinedly upright. (But I admit, it's been decades since I observed it.)

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  • jaime_eusebio

    Vaporvac, thank you. Do you actualy know the email of this well-known rosarian? I would love to drop him a line and ask for his insight? Thank you so much.

  • jaime_eusebio

    jerijen thankx for your comment, other people I've asked also say it's 'La Reine', so I just need one last confirmation and I will take it as its name.

  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley

    It is at the top left-hand corner of that link. Just click on freedom Gardens and it will take you to his page and you can pull down the top left-hand menu. He doesn't get back with you in a day I'll see if I can find his other email. Here it is:


    His name is Peter Schneider and he's well known to most everyone here. Between him and Jerry I think you'll have it named. Not that Christopher or Sheila are slouches either! Lol :-)

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  • mjkjrobinson

    WOW what a Gorgeous rose, love it!

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