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Documenting Alocascia recovery process

December 8, 2019

A friend had a couple sad looking Alocasia at her shop. I agreed to take them on as a recovery project. Once I was able to inspect them closely, one had a bad case of spider mite. Both were not getting the light and warmth they require. I left them in the rain overnight.

I removed all the leaves on the one completely covered in s.m. and all but one leaf on the other.

I took them out of their pots. They came planted in pure bark mulch with at least two hand fulls of CR fertiliser in each pot. I have never in all my career seen this much fertiliser in any plant pot.

One was just starting to make a small bulb the other did not have one at all. I assume they were grown from tissue culture.

Unfortunately my best option for a pot was 5". I don't have anything any larger that will fit in my grow area. They really need minimum of 8", but 5" will have to do. I used my tropical plant potting mix, called Tropical Rainforest with beneficial microbes. I gave them both a good dose of slow release Palm food with micros.

I washed them off really good before I brought them in the house. After being potted they were treated with a systemic miticide/insecticide.

They are now just off to the side of a 1000W grow light.

They may recover. I will keep an eye out for larger pots that still fit in my space. Until then, if I can keep them well fed and watered they might just return to being beautiful specimens. If they don't nothing lost and life experience gained.

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